Egyptian Christians

Tucker Carlson’s Catholic Mind

Lest anyone think that American politics is in any danger of receding back to pre-2016 partisan boundaries, Tucker Carlson used his Fox News segment last week to go after hedge fund manager and GOP mega-donor Paul Singer… for his free-market economics. Catholics should be thrilled by this development. Carlson condemns what he calls “vulture capitalism,” [...]

Christians Suffer as U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East Flounders

President Obama these days looks like a homeowner paralyzed in shock as he sees his house ablaze from across the street.  The White House is fine, but the president’s foreign policy in the Middle East is going up in smoke.  As Egypt implodes with escalating violence and the Syrian civil war rages into a second [...]

Latest Muslim outreach to Egyptian Christians involves machine guns

Six Coptic Christians and one security guard were killed last night as worshippers left their celebration of Christmas Mass in the ancient town of Nag Hammadi, Egypt. The gunmen -- acting in retaliation against the alleged rape of a Muslim girl -- sprayed parishioners with machine gun fire as they left the church. [Bishop Kirollos] [...]