Dwight Longenecker


Can a Catholic Be a Libertarian?

Lately I've been extensively reading the Austrian Economists and the thinkers of the Libertarian tradition. I can already hear the groans and screams of some readers pulling their hair—or beards—out as they lament the seemingly inexcusable faux pas of a traditional Catholic such as myself dabbling in the world of political and economic liberalism. I [...]

Modern Science Offers Evidence for Christmas Story

I was privileged recently to go on a pilgrimage with Fr. Dwight Longenecker and forty-eight other pilgrims to the Holy Land. We were retracing the steps of the Magi from Jordan into Israel. The pilgrimage was based on the historical detective work that Fr. Longenecker produced in his book Mystery of the Magi: The Quest [...]

Fasting & The Season the Enemy Calls Lent

The international listening posts of the Central Lack of Intelligence Agency have unscrambled various messages that have been sent electronically from sources unknown to destinations that have yet to be specified. These messages were filtered out from the millions of electronic impulses radiating through the atomosphere. The messages were disguised and coded within the billions [...]

The Cheerful Exorcist

"I wake up each morning with deep gouges in my back. I don't know how they get there, and they won't heal." Thus began an email I received a few years ago from a young girl who feared she was demon possessed. She experienced other disturbing symptoms and admitted to a long involvement with all [...]

Laughing with Chesterton

    It could be said that the pun is mightier than the sword. If this is true, then wordplay may be as important as swordplay in the never ending wars between the dark powers of the underworld and the light of Christ.   So this essay on the brilliantly annoying style of G. K. [...]

Heretical Times

Meat-and-potatoes history fans, take note: The Great Medieval Heretics is good, solid, reliable history written in a no-nonsense style. Michael Frassetto teaches history at the University of Delaware and is an expert in medieval religion, heresy, and politics. His book delivers a detailed account of the heretics of the medieval period, starting with the false [...]

Newman in the Lion’s Den

  Last week, we at St. Mary's Church in Greenville, South Carolina, found ourselves in the midst of a perfect media storm. The Sunday after the election, Rev. Jay Scott Newman, the parish rector (I serve as a weekend assistant), published his usual column for the parish bulletin, in which he commented on the election [...]

Jigsaw Puzzle Ecumenism

    As worldwide Anglicanism implodes, Catholics may remember the heady days of Anglican-Catholic ecumenical relations. In 1966, the last great archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, met with Pope Paul VI in the Sistine Chapel. The archbishop and the pope embraced and signed agreements to begin the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission. The pope gave [...]

Tolkien’s ‘No’ to Narnia

If I had a time machine that could set me down in any place and time, I'd choose the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford on a Tuesday night in 1950, when C. S. Lewis was reading selections from his Chronicles of Narnia. He'd be there before a roaring fire with J. R. R. Tolkien [...]

What in the Liturgy Is Going On?

  Vatican watchers have noticed that Pope Benedict XVI is wearing fancier vestments than his predecessor. When he came out to bless the crowds after Christmas, he was wearing an ornate cope embroidered with gold and silver thread. On his head was an old-fashioned miter encrusted with gold and jewels. For Christmas vespers, and again [...]