Inauguration Blues

Despite the deepest hopes of many die-hard Trump supporters that the outgoing president would somehow snatch victory from defeat at the eleventh hour, Joe Biden is to be inaugurated today.  Our second nominally Catholic president shall no doubt wish to ceremonially cloak himself in Kennedy’s mantle; unfortunately for him, both COVID-19 restrictions and the odd [...]

China’s Crackdown on Christians

The Roman Catholic Church in China has been persecuted by the Chinese communists for some six decades -- essentially since the nation fell to communism in 1949. As faithful Marxists, Beijing’s despots perceived any allegiance to God or the Church as a threat to their domination, and they acted accordingly. So much of the Church was forced to go underground.

Quodlibets: A Second Spring?

From time to time, it is useful to wonder what the Church in the United States would look like if the secular press — and such enigmas as the NCR — did not give disproportionate attention to the dissidents in our midst. I have been asked by journalists to explain the discrepancy between the enormous [...]