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The Liberal Religion

Some time ago I argued in a magazine column that liberalism has developed in recent decades from a rigidly secular political philosophy into a this-worldly religion with its own more or less developed though unsystematic dogma based on faith and a reciprocal concept of heresy, its own unwritten creed and sacramental system, a loose rhetorical [...]

The Strange Journey from Mitt to Newt

  It's not hard to understand why so many conservatives spurn Mitt Romney. He's had to slink away from past liberal positions on one major issue after another: health care reform, abortion, gun control and climate change. Many on the right are not reassured. They want a true conservative who's been with them all along. [...]

Friday Free-for-All: November 19

Time for a few Friday morning links: The TSA’s new regulations for air travel -- including the introduction of full-body scans -- have been getting plenty of negative press lately. In protest, one group has proposed a National Opt-Out Day where passengers would refuse the scans the day before Thanksgiving -- potentially creating huge delays [...]