The death of the pro-life Democrat?

Rep. Bart Stupak's stupaking on the health care reform bill has led Wall Street Journal columnist William McGurn to wonder if the pro-life Democratic politician, already an endangered species, has finally gone the way of the Dodo: By caving at the last hour, he discredited all who stood with him. (What does it say about [...]

Your Dad’s Dems Passed Bills by Constitutional Means

On a related note to Eric's post yesterday, I argued over at my TrueSlant blog that unlike their modern counterparts, Democrats of the 1960s passed legislation by constitutional means. Here is a snippet: As Robert Mann showed in his overlooked The Walls of Jericho, Democrats in the 1960s passed civil rights legislation by changing the [...]

‘Tis the season for hope

With all of the bleak news out there these days, it's easy to get discouraged -- so Catholic Vote's "Top Ten Reasons for Hope" list seems especially appropriate right now. Some of their nominations: 7. Priests, Religious, and More Priests From Ireland to New Zealand to many dioceses across the United States, Catholic seminaries are [...]

Israel and Judah

For some reason, I still seem to mystify people in my views on the American political scene. Indeed, the most mysterious criticisms I get are the ones illustrated in the comments here, for instance, which say (in mixed tones of bafflement, rage, and disappointment), "How can you simultaneously be a Catholic writer who respects the [...]

How to Talk to Democrats About Abortion: Five Strategies for Making the Pro-Life Case

In the 1970s, when about 40 percent of Democratic congressmen were pro-life, the party had a seemingly insurmountable hold on the House of Representatives. Now, less than 15 percent are pro-life, and they're in an ever-shrinking House minority. Meanwhile, the big Democratic success stories from 2004 were the new representatives in Iowa, Missouri, and Michigan, [...]

A New Game: Shifting the Pro-Life Strategy

  Pro-lifers have become used to having an ally in Washington, D.C. But now that we are faced with a pro-choice House, Senate, and presidency, with a nearly filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the facts demand a new path of action.   Many pro-lifers are already engaged in some form of activism beyond voting, whether [...]

The Future of the Catholic Voter? An InsideCatholic Symposium

With Election 2008 in the history books, we asked a diverse group of faithful Catholics to respond to the following question: With the results of the 2008 election, it appears that old coalitions are breaking down while new ones are being created. This presents Catholic voters with a challenge and an opportunity: What should the [...]

Our Faustian Bargain: Catholics Caught Between Parties

In following the presidential contest this year, I have been at times amazed and disgusted at the kabuki theater our political discourse has become. The two major party candidates have presented themselves as both more and less than what they really are—trying to capture voters by simultaneously promising that they will solve our problems and [...]

A New Model for Catholic Community

    To some, the phrase "Catholic Community" conjures up images of exclusive ghettos -- areas of faith-filled Catholics who live close together and are so different from the world outside that they fail to engage it in any meaningful way. At the other extreme is contemporary Catholic life, where churchgoers attend the parish of [...]

Why I’m Not a Republican

Although I'm a lifelong Democrat, a former Democratic majority leader of the Rhode Island Senate, and in 1992 a Democratic nominee for the United States House of Representatives, I have for many years now denounced in writing the policies of the national Democratic Party. I have even written a book of denunciation: Can a Catholic [...]

The Speech Hillary Longed to Give

Scene: The Democratic Convention. Denver, August 26, 2008. HILLARY CLINTON motions her hand to speak. FIRST CITIZEN. Stay, ho! and let us hear Hillary. THIRD CITIZEN. Let her go up into the public chair; We'll hear her. -- Noble Hillary, go up. HILLARY. For Obama's sake, I am beholding to you. [Goes up, clad in [...]

Abortion, Human Trafficking, and the Left’s Double Standard

Every social problem we face today -- from racial discrimination to abortion -- is tied to other underlying root causes. It makes sense, then, for society not to neglect long-term proposals when trying to check these matters. But such strategies are never a ready substitute for fighting social problems in the near term. And that's [...]

Grabbing Religious Voters

For decades, Republican presidential candidates have been winning over some religious voters practically by default, facing little competition from Democrats. This revolution began in 1969 when antiwar liberals used the McGovern Commission to hijack the presidential wing of the Democratic Party and, except for the Carter and Clinton presidencies, has continued the same through the [...]

Survey Takes a Revealing New Look at Religious Voters

  A new survey on religion and politics provides important background on the dynamics at work among religious voters in 2008. The "National Survey on Religion and Public Life" published by the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics at Calvin College was based on a large sample of 3,002 interviews, [...]

On Race and Class, Liberals Need a History Lesson

"I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on," [Hillary Clinton] said. As evidence, Clinton cited an Associated Press article that she said "found how Sen. Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me." If [...]

Barack Obama’s Problematic Religious Outreach

In her recent book The Party Faithful: How and Why the Democrats are Closing the God Gap, Amy Sullivan, the nation editor at Time, recalls the moment when Barack Obama "made himself a household name." The scene was the second night of the 2004 Democratic Convention. Senator Obama's address to the convention "displayed a gift [...]

Nation’s Top Pro-Life Judicial Activist Speaks Out On John McCain

Manny Miranda is recognized as the leading national activist for conservative judicial appointments. He surprised people by endorsing Sen. John McCain for president, in spite of criticism of the Arizona senator's role in the "Gang of 14," a bipartisan effort to deal with the Senate backlog of Bush's judicial nominees. As a staffer in the [...]

Why the Democrats Will Fail without Catholic Support

The "Catholic vote" is the key for the reemergence of the Democratic Party as a competitive force in presidential elections. Party chairman Howard Dean summarized the recent problems when he said, "The Democratic Party was built on four pillars -- the Roosevelt intellectuals, the Catholic Church, labor unions and African Americans. But we stopped communicating [...]

Why Barack Obama Will Not Win the Catholic Vote

To win the White House in 2008, the Democrats have to win back the Catholic voters they lost to the GOP in 2000 and 2004. A previous Window forecast that if the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton, she would win the Catholic vote. However, with his commanding victory in the Iowa caucus, Barack Obama may be [...]

Why the Democrats Are Blue: A Conversation with Mark Stricherz

  How did the Democratic Party lose the support of the working-class and Catholic voters who were once its stronghold? In his book Why the Democrats Are Blue: How Secular Liberals Hijacked the People's Party, Mark Stricherz argues that the change from the "people's party" to a party of secular-elite values can be traced to [...]