Deacon Bench

Whose Side Are They On?

As I’ve often observed, if Islam ever succeeds in subjugating America it won’t be primarily through force of arms, but through cultural jihad (aka stealth jihad). For cultural jihad to succeed, however, it’s necessary that there are enough people in the target culture who are willing to ignore it or even to facilitate it. Put [...]

If Mary and Joseph had Facebook… would the Nativity story have unfolded? A sweet little video -- and given the Tweets and status updates I get from friends in the delivery room, probably pretty accurate. Hat tip to the Deacon's Bench, which has just relocated to Patheos! Be sure to check out Deacon Greg at his new digs. [video: 635x355] [...]

A Tribute to Our Priests

I am shamelessly stealing this from the Deacon's Bench, because it was too beautiful not to share. It's a brief look at this year's ordination of priests in Milwaukee, but it could just as easily apply to all our priests everywhere. It'll make you want to run out and shake the hand of every one [...]

‘This is Good Friday’

A big hat tip to the Deacon's Bench for pointing out this video of Archbishop Timothy Dolan's recent video to Haiti and its ravaged cathedral. As co-chair of the board of directors for Catholic Relief Services, Dolan went to Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the quake and attended the funeral of Haiti's own Archbishop [...]