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Understanding the Roots of the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

What is the actual history behind the conflict in Ukraine, and what has been the role of America and the West in fostering it?

Catholics Coming Home in Wisconsin

The diocese of Green Bay is reporting some interesting results from its recent run of the "Catholics Come Home" series of ads: This month, the diocese released survey findings that show Mass attendance increased an average of 7.4 percent after the commercials began to air. In addition, more than 95 percent of parish leaders and [...]

We apologize for the down-time!

As you may have noticed, InsideCatholic was down most of the day today. Our Web host company had a power disruption at its facility last night, and the event took out our site and many others.  We're back up now (obviously), but apologize for the inconvenience. Since we didn't get the chance to feature David [...]