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Tucker Carlson’s Catholic Mind

Lest anyone think that American politics is in any danger of receding back to pre-2016 partisan boundaries, Tucker Carlson used his Fox News segment last week to go after hedge fund manager and GOP mega-donor Paul Singer… for his free-market economics. Catholics should be thrilled by this development. Carlson condemns what he calls “vulture capitalism,” [...]

They Died for Christ

Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century: A Comprehensive World History by Robert Royal, Crossroad Publishing Company, 2000, 430 pages, $20.00   This review originally appeared in the October 2000 edition of Crisis Magazine.   In his encyclical Tertio Millenio Adveniente, preparing for the Jubilee Year 2000, Pope John Paul II stated: “At the end of [...]


  For a few years now I have been writing, under the title "Cloud of Witnesses," brief reminiscences of dead people I knew when they were alive. I stopped at 50, and in the very short time it took to assemble them for a book, there were another five to be added to the list. [...]

Crime in Kansas

  During the persecution of Christians during the reign of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman prefect Rusticus was frustrated by the serene equanimity of the Christian convert Justin, a Platonic philosopher. The Romans considered Christianity a supserstitio parva (perverse superstition) and classified its morality as immodica (immoderate) for, among other things, refusing to abort the unborn [...]

‘Manners Makyth Man’

    Every day in the Great Hall of one of my schools I ate, or tried to dine, before a large fireplace carved with William of Wykeham's motto, "Manners Makyth Man." In another of my colleges, a Victorian alumnus had endowed a "Manners Makyth Man Award" for that member of the senior class who [...]