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New York’s New Catholic Governor: Come to NY for Abortions

In January 2019, a year before COVID-19 descended upon New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo and a beaming group of New York progressives enacted a hideous piece of legislation. They made abortion possible right up until the moment before delivery and even stripped the baby of protections if he or she accidentally survived the scalpel. Their [...]

An “Occupy Wall Street” Thanksgiving?

  Last week, a deranged malefactor was arrested at Occupy Wall Street for threatening to launch Molotov cocktails at Macy’s. It might have been a Macy’s Thanksgiving to forget. A much friendlier Occupy Wall Street offering comes from my Religious Left friend, Jim Wallis: It's time to invite the Occupy Movement to church! And Thanksgiving [...]

Of Daleks and Utilitarians

  Instructing doctors to kill the dying rather than waiting for them to die is icky. But think of the quality of the organs they could donate! This is the argument some Belgian transplant surgeons used to justify taking organs from patients who had just chosen to be euthanased. Creating rabbit-man chimeras for experimentation seems like [...]

New York City’s Varmit Problem

When Roland Emmerich's climate change film The Day After Tomorrow first came out, it was difficult to know exactly where to begin. I remember focusing my contemptuousattention on two story points that seemed particularly grievous members of the "Offence Against Credulity" category: the "superstorms," and the wolves. WeatherUnderground had a fairly thorough debunking of the superstorm idea, recent (and [...]