Synodality for the Rest of Us

I’m calling for a Lay Synod. A national meeting of prominent lay Catholic leaders (and only laity) who will convene to tackle the challenges facing our Church in the modern world.

Loosing and Binding

Penitents do not have an absolute right to absolution: they must meet what the sacrament itself requires for the forgiveness of sins.

Invest Your Funds Upon This Rock?

A new Vatican document proposes to give guidance for Catholic investors based on Catholic social teaching, but often falls into regurgitating liberal talking points on redistribution and environmental awareness.


A Unified Theory of “Backwardism”

What was so awful about the pre-Vatican II Church that its memory needs to be obliterated and those who hold to doctrines that are ancient in provenance must be labeled as “rigid” and psychologically damaged?

It Was Homosexual Abuse

Leftists deny the mountain of demographic data that draws a strong link between homosexuality and abuse of minors in the Church.

The Sedevacantist Wager

While I see the potential in the arguments of some sedevacantists, I cannot follow them because I believe that it is not fitting for there to be no pope.

Mama Told Us So

Catholics know wicked and perverted men in the hierarchy protect and promote one another, and we know they do not care what we think or how we feel. But we pray that some at least will begin to fight against the evil in their midst.

America’s Grave Sensus Fidei-less Opinions

One thing is now clear: numberless faithful Catholics believe what Cardinal Müller does: the Synod on Synodality has been commandeered to subvert and distort the moral doctrine of the Church.

Modernism and “The Miracle of the Papacy”

I knew something about the “bad popes” of the past—and the technical limits of papal infallibility. But I still believed in some strange apotheosis whereby the contemporary popes could do no wrong. 

The Torn Mantle of Paul VI

Pope Francis seems to think he has taken up the mantle of Pope Paul VI, who one writer has called “the first modern pope,” where Francis thinks his successors turned away from it.

Vatican II at 60: Stop the Cheerleading

With all due respect to the Second Vatican Council, it does not meet the demands of a secular world. For that we need a virile, unequivocal, and full-throated Catholicism.

Rethinking Obedience in an Age of Resistance

The idea of “resisting” makes a lot of Catholics understandably nervous. We are, of course, brought up to be loyal sons of the Church. But there have always been exceptions, and we definitely live in an exceptional time.

The Synod of the Red Death

Despite all the talk of “building a new Church,” the energy of progressive Catholicism is all in the service of denial and destruction.

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