Giorgia Meloni

Covid Regime Takes a Mortal Blow Where It Began: Italy

The election of Giorgia Meloni as the Prime Minister of Italy is sending shockwaves across both the Left and the Right as an opponent of the globalist Elite enjoys widespread support.

The Point of Christianity

The characteristic of the modern age is that men concentrate on themselves and what they can and want to do. This and this alone is what life is about. No outside source can guide, command, or coerce us. Man is autonomous. He is only what he makes himself to be, whatever it is. He does [...]

Documentation: Is Liberation Theology Marxist? An Interview With Ernesto Cardenal

Question: In what do you see the main task of Christians' struggle for a more just world in general and in Latin American countries in particular, and how does the liberation theology contribute to this effort? Ernesto Cardenal: First of all I should like to say that your movement, Christian Peace Conference, help us Christians [...]

Come Again: Thomas Sheehan Deconstructs Christianity

Higher criticism — source criticism, form critism, redaction criticism, various contemporary amalgams — has been with us now for at least a century and a half. To the layman it can easily seem that higher critics disparage what they see as the naivety of the ordinary Christian’s belief in the events reported in the New [...]

Whither Liberation Theology? A Historical Evaluation

What is liberation theology? Why has a relatively new theological current in the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America become front page news in the world press? One reason for the attention liberation theology is receiving is the polarization of opinion, pro-and-con, as to its implications. For Cardinal Ratzinger, writing in a private memorandum published [...]

Is America Bourgeois?

In an interview this past April with Lucio Brunelli of the Italian Catholic magazine 30 Giorni, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger described dissent among American Catholic moral theologians as the expression of a more pernicious disorder: a “bourgeois Christianity in which Christianity is no longer a spur toward new responses and new hope in the face of [...]

Quodlibets: Needing More Mores

A generic thing to be said in favor of the recent pastoral letters of our bishops, those published and those dying of a dozen drafts, is that they are efforts to stand in judgment on the world, to assess and appraise economic activity and weapons systems in the light of the doctrines of the Roman [...]

Responsibilities of the Church in Central America Pablo Antonio Cuadra

Since Pope John Paul II's visit to Central America,  something has become evident that had earlier drawn little attention: the religiousness of our Central American peoples and that religion's moral and civic force. But in the same measure, a crisis could be observed: a new awareness, an uneasiness, a search by these great religious forces. [...]

Sense and Nonsense: Gnostic Catholicism

Eric Voegelin's thesis that Gnostic ideology is dominant in the modern mind, including the religious mind, because of the weakness of Christian faith, has been much on my mind of late. In a sense, nothing is more curious than the susceptibility of apparently free, intelligent Christians to ideologies, which have parodied or replaced Christianity, even [...]

Marriage — the Mystery of Faithful Love: Von Hildebrand’s Thought Revisited

Some years ago, when I sat on the Board of Regents of a well-known Catholic women’s' college, the question of parietals, and more generally of a moral code suitable to the student body, was regularly brought before the board. After one of these sessions, one of my fellow regents, the president of another women’s' college and [...]