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Is the West Turning Fascist?

Leftists use the smear “fascist” so often that the word has become completely untethered from its original meaning. Much like the term “racist,” “fascist” is simply shorthand for anyone who opposes leftism

1943: A Flight from Reality

In mid-April, the Polish government in exile requested that the International Red Cross investigate the failure of the Soviet government to explain the fate of 8,300 Polish officers "taken prisoner" by the Red Army in the autumn of 1939. The Germans had just announced the discovery of mass graves in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk. [...]

When it comes to the pope, the press is a one-note band

Mollie Ziegler at GetReligion fisked through some of the mainstream press accounts of the pope's homily at the Sagrada Familia, and noticed that none of them actually seemed to have… uh… listened to it. At least, that's what you'd conclude from their coverage. In a homily that is almost entirely about the theology and architecture [...]

Friday Free-for-All

Time for your Friday morning round-up: Via the Anchoress, Archbishop Dolan on the earthquake in Haiti: "Haiti is the broken, bloody body of Jesus, in the arms of His blessed mother, crying out to the world now for aid and assistance." If you're still looking for a way to help, Lizzie has one of the [...]

Barack Obama’s Problematic Religious Outreach

In her recent book The Party Faithful: How and Why the Democrats are Closing the God Gap, Amy Sullivan, the nation editor at Time, recalls the moment when Barack Obama "made himself a household name." The scene was the second night of the 2004 Democratic Convention. Senator Obama's address to the convention "displayed a gift [...]