Why Satanism Is Now on the Center Stage in the Culture War

The religious right has often been looked down upon by many Americans involved in the political scene. For them, it shouldn’t exist. According to the secular liberal tradition, the public square is supposed to be value-neutral. Any religious intrusion into political matters is to be discouraged. The secular left is especially fearful of mixing politics [...]

Oh, how little we know…

This is cool: According to the BBC, astronomers have discovered a star "so big and bright that it stretches the boundaries of what scientists believed was possible": The star, known so far only as R136a1, has an observed mass 265 times greater than our sun, and modeling suggests it was once 320 times bigger... But [...]

Quantifying the Devastation

The human costs for such tragic events as the recent quakes in Haiti and Chile are incalculable. There is so much suffering, it is difficult for many of us to comprehend. (I was taken aback a few days ago to recognize my relief at early stories placing the Chilean death toll in the 700's. Tragically, that number will surely [...]

Whither Liberation Theology? A Historical Evaluation

What is liberation theology? Why has a relatively new theological current in the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America become front page news in the world press? One reason for the attention liberation theology is receiving is the polarization of opinion, pro-and-con, as to its implications. For Cardinal Ratzinger, writing in a private memorandum published [...]

Theology of Liberation: Two Roman Documents

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has published two documents on liberation theology, one in 1984, "Instruction on Certain Aspects of Liberation Theology" and another in 1986, "Christian Liberty and Liberation." The first concentrates on those aspects which appear insufficiently developed, in particular the Marxist conception of class struggle. The second is much [...]