Gay Conservatives

Are Gays Replacing Christians in the Conservative Movement?

There seems to be a homosexual ascendancy in certain quarters of the “conservative” movement, and their influence is growing while Christians' influence is waning.

The Case against the Circumcision Ban

  This November the citizens of San Francisco will decide whether to ban circumcision, a practice that dates from antiquity and is embraced by at least three of the world’s major religions. Now, the fact that something stretches far back into human history is by no means a guarantee that it has social value. Slavery, [...]

Society taking a second look at monogamy?

A recent CDC study found that the number of 15 to 24 year olds who reported being virgins in 2008 had increased slightly since 2002. In his latest column, Ross Douthat sees in that trend a reason for optimism -- not because he thinks we'll ever really see an end to premarital sex, but because [...]

Study Linking Autism and Vaccines an “Elaborate Fraud”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield's medical license has been revoked after it was revealed that he had falsified all twelve of the medical histories in his 1998 study. CNN reports: "It's one thing to have a bad study, a study full of error, and for the authors then to admit that they made errors," Fiona Godlee, BMJ's [...]

The revolving door continues between government and big business

Yesterday, Merck and Co. announced that Dr. Julie Gerberding has been named president of Merck Vaccine, effective at the end of January. As far as credentials go, she has them in spades... the most noteworthy is her recent position as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 2002 to 2009. Of [...]

Down Syndrome births in U.S. increase, CDC reports