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Our Holy Innocents Today

The Feast of the Holy Innocents should remind us of the abortion holocaust, not immigration debates. The Church’s vestments are red because the children bled and were dead, not because the Holy Family fled.

On the Necessity of Latin

Does the Catholic Church need Latin? Most Roman Catholics now worship in the vernacular, and some argue that with good translations available, Catholics do not need to acquaint themselves with it, outside of a few specialists. 

Christmas Eve is Holy Eve’s

One of the deepest and dearest secrets of the Christmas season is hidden in plain sight: Christmas Eve is the feast day of Holy Eve, the wife of Adam and the mother of all.

The Universal Call to Hobbitness

The temptation to be distracted from our own precious plots of land is terrible, as every man, looking into his pocket palantír, sees the forces of evil arrayed to destroy the world he loves. 

Must Christmas Be Magical?

In making Christmas the most magical time of the year, it feels like our sad, post-Christian culture is clinging, like a lost child with a tattered teddy bear, to some sort of nostalgic longing for the supernatural.

Wisdom Requires Purity of Heart

The pure of heart are the blessed ones, Christ tells us, because having rid themselves of every distraction, their eyes remain fixed upon God alone.

Big Medicine’s Fight Against Nature

Modern conventional medicine practitioners have become purveyors of sort of a “noble savage” concept of health, hence their nearly total lack of interest in diet, exercise, balanced sun exposure, fresh air, and health maintenance in general.

Seeking the Wrong Savior This Advent

This Advent, it’s clear that people surely yearn for a Savior, and they are looking for political figures to play the role. But whoever is chosen will under-deliver on his over-promises.

The Benefits of a Commercialized Christmas

I despise the commercialization of Christmas as much as the next Catholic, but we are foolish not to leverage the many (mixed) blessings afforded to us by technology and capitalism.


Transforming the Culture

Education is not the sole answer when it comes to forming good habits – we need to create a culture that rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior.

The Theology of Thanksgiving

When we celebrate the Thanksgiving Meal of the Eucharist, we thank God for our deliverance from the bondage of sin and give thanks for Christ the Passover Lamb who was slain.

The Terror of Tenderness

Kindness, American style, detached from the Man upon the cross, has turned sour and sickly. It can justify anything.

Crisis Point Live

Make Advent Great Again

Advent is the forgotten liturgical season, lost in the secular Christmas season insanity. What can we do to reclaim Advent, to help us be truly prepared for the coming of Christ at Christmas?

A Catholic School Moment?

Catholic schools in the United States are having a moment. For decades, enrollment in Catholic schools was in decline. However, enrollment is now up and most of the increase in enrollment can be explained by the utter failure of public-school systems.

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