Caryll Houselander

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Understanding the Roots of the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

What is the actual history behind the conflict in Ukraine, and what has been the role of America and the West in fostering it?

The Divine Seed

From the Magnificat's Meditation of the Day, by Caryll Houselander, on the feast of Saints Timothy and Titus: Christ is that good seed with which our humanity is sown... We are the soil of the divine seed; there is no other. The flowering of Christ in us does not depend upon pious exercises, on good [...]

Caryll Houselander: An Appreciation

In the midst of all the shouting it can be extremely difficult to hear the voices of spiritually powerful women who have come to terms with Holy Mother Church. Such women have found in the Church, in their own femininity as well as in Hers, a deep and satisfying sacramentality. One such voice is that [...]