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What the Overturning of Roe Means Outside America

The monumental Dobbs ruling will have an influence far beyond the shores of America.

Some Compelling Evidence of the Pill’s Harmful Effects

Because of these substances, Lance Armstrong’s cycling victories were taken from him and he was disqualified from further competition; Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire were publicly reprimanded; numerous congressional hearings were held to assign blame regarding their use. We do our best to protect athletes from these dangerous substances while, at the same time, encouraging [...]

PolitiFact Gets Facts Wrong on Abortion & Breast Cancer Link

PolitiFact put out a "fact-check" this week that purports to debunk the link between induced abortion and breast cancer. Instead, it provides a guide on how to hoist yourself with logical fallacies—namely, the appeal to authority ("it's true because experts say so") and the argumentum ad populum ("it's true because lots of people say so"). [...]

Obama’s Trampling on God’s Turf Now

Yes, Virginia, there is a religious war going on. It is for the soul of America. And traditional Christianity is besieged. In a January visit to the Vatican, American bishops were warned by Benedict XVI that "radical secularism" posed "grave threats" to their Catholic faith. Your religious freedom is being circumscribed, said the pope. The [...]

The Dark Side of ‘Thinking Pink’

  Every October, sure as the leaves fall from the trees, pink ribbons and products blossom virtually everywhere you go. Breast Cancer Awareness Month has all the hallmarks of an effective public health campaign; people going about their regular routines can’t help but notice all the pink and -- especially while shopping -- be encouraged [...]

Girls now hitting puberty at 7

Girls are reaching puberty faster than ever before -- by ages 7 and 8. That's what a new study just published in the journal Pediatrics shows.Other studies have found this over the past decade, but experts have been at a loss to explain why. Increased levels of obesity are definitely to blame, but doctors now believe there [...]

Chris Smith at the March for Life, and more…

Congressman Chris Smith's rally speech on Friday afternoon packed a punch, as usual. Smith and his wife, Marie, have been champions of human rights for many years. (Marie heads up the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues, which provides pro-life news, information, and networking to members of democratically-elected legislatures around the world.) Here he takes on [...]

When Abortion Kills Twice: The Abortion/ Breast Cancer Link

In this Crisis Magazine classic, Tom Hoopes reports on the link between abortion and breast cancer, and explains why mainstream medicine is ignoring the facts.     Janet Gail was used to looking at mammograms and finding bad news. As a hospital technician in Pennsylvania, that was her job. But she was unprepared for what [...]