Black Panthers

Vigano Trump

Archbishop Viganò Was Right About Donald Trump

Whatever one may think about Donald Trump, it is clear that he is a fly in the globalist ointment, as Archbishop Viganò has been saying for years.

Radical Chic Redux

Only the gifted pen of a Tom Wolfe could have minted the generation-defining sobriquet, radical chic. It first appeared in a long monograph in New York magazine in 1970, where the author wrote a withering piece describing a fashionable cocktail party at the West Side apartment of Leonard Bernstein. The impresario had invited the glitterati [...]

Airport security: Is it time to profile?

The new TSA regulations are on everyone's minds, it seems; it was a big topic of conversation at our Thanksgiving dinner. But over at the Daily Beast, American Muslim author Asra Nomani is proposing an alternative that makes many people cringe: profiling. Nomani lays out her case: We have to talk about the taboo topic [...]