Black Panthers


The Return of Abortion Tourism

As Texas and an increasing number of states are saving the lives of unborn children by successfully implementing restrictive abortion laws, we are already witnessing the return of the pre-Roe era of “abortion tourism.” It is likely that once again—as in the early 1970s—New York City will be the deadly destination of choice for women [...]

Radical Chic Redux

Only the gifted pen of a Tom Wolfe could have minted the generation-defining sobriquet, radical chic. It first appeared in a long monograph in New York magazine in 1970, where the author wrote a withering piece describing a fashionable cocktail party at the West Side apartment of Leonard Bernstein. The impresario had invited the glitterati [...]

Airport security: Is it time to profile?

The new TSA regulations are on everyone's minds, it seems; it was a big topic of conversation at our Thanksgiving dinner. But over at the Daily Beast, American Muslim author Asra Nomani is proposing an alternative that makes many people cringe: profiling. Nomani lays out her case: We have to talk about the taboo topic [...]