Black Friday

What the New Pro-Life Movement Didn’t Do for a Pro-life Dem

The latest test for the so-called Seamless Garment came in the primary challenge to pro-life Democrat Dan Lipinski in his effort to win his party’s nomination for the seat he has held in suburban Illinois for 13 years and his father held for 12 years before that. But we have established that the Seamless Garment [...]

The Fight Before Christmas

Black Friday, 6:15 AM. The checkout lane was already twenty persons deep, but worse—it hadn’t moved in five minutes. As I scanned the other seven lanes, they were no better. Resigned, I took my place in line clutching the electronic gadgetry I had snatched up in my bargain-hunting frenzy. As everyone knows, deep mark-downs await [...]

Friday Free-for-All: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm still more or less stuffed from yesterday's feast, which I think means I did it right. Feel free to supplement today's round-up with tales from your own holiday, interesting reads you found over the break, or whatever else is on your mind. You too can make your very [...]