Bishop Olmsted


Reconsidering 1/6

The day after the incursion into the U.S. Capitol, I wrote in these pages that the events that day were not part of my conservative movement. Breaking into a federal building and fighting with police is not something that our set does. I was, and I remain, appalled at what I saw.  I remain convinced [...]

Bishop Olmsted Calls Men Into the Breach

A father's prodigal love and approval fill the space carved into our being by the finger of our Creator. Boy or girl, man or woman, all, and no matter the age, thirst for it. Our household knows this well. After a period of infertility, physical deterioration, and loss, when we were told never to expect [...]

Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix Sends a Message

2010 was a horrible year for health care -- that is, if you believe abortion is not "health care." The ObamaCare health legislation, if not amended by the next Congress, will result in hundreds of thousands of federally funded abortions that would not happen without that funding. But Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, who is a [...]

The gloves are off

For all of you who've been craving a bishop with the ...ahem... backbone to assert his authority and engage his erstwhile wayward flock, you're gonna love Bishop Olmsted in Phoenix, who just took a Catholic Hospital in his diocese to task: "The Catholic bishop of Phoenix will strip St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center of [...]

In the Shoes of a Shepherd: A Week in the Life of an American Bishop

My first meeting with the bishop of Phoenix is at his home rectory of Sts. Simon and Jude. He's halfway through Tuesday morning prayer with three other priests when I enter the small, unadorned room. Before I can register that there are only four seats, Bishop Thomas Olmsted kneels on the hard floor and motions [...]

A Debate Out of Season

Bishops often speak about the virtue of "collegiality"—their desire to act and speak in one voice. The recent history of the Church illustrates problems arising from the expectation that individual bishops should subjugate their public message in favor of the USCCB. John Cardinal O'Connor and Bernard Cardinal Law were among the first bishops to challenge [...]