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Transforming the Culture

Education is not the sole answer when it comes to forming good habits – we need to create a culture that rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior.

The Terror of Tenderness

Kindness, American style, detached from the Man upon the cross, has turned sour and sickly. It can justify anything.

Crisis Point Live

Make Advent Great Again

Advent is the forgotten liturgical season, lost in the secular Christmas season insanity. What can we do to reclaim Advent, to help us be truly prepared for the coming of Christ at Christmas?

Till We Have Faces

Till We Have Faces in a Nutshell

C.S. Lewis called Till We Have Faces “my best book” and “far and away the best I have written.” He said it was the “favourite of all my books.”

Notre Dame: Is It Still Catholic?

A professor at Notre Dame recently has offered and promoted abortion access to Notre Dame students, despite university policy and Indiana law. Will the university do anything about it?

Three Months of Dangerous Holidays

Columbus Day started an almost three-month cultural flagellation feast for liberals which continues through Thanksgiving, reaches a peak at Christmas, and culminates in January 6th.

The Hobbit in a Nutshell

At its deepest level, The Hobbit can be seen as a parabolic commentary on the words from St. Matthew’s Gospel that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also.

Destroying Culture Through Amnesia

The introduction of divisive critical race theory, historical revisionism, and the permeation of woke ideology into every crevice of school curriculums has led to a silencing of our culture’s stories.

C in a Nutshell

“C” by Maurice Baring is little known, but received the highest of praise from the French novelist André Maurois, who wrote that no book had given him such pleasure since his reading of Tolstoy, Proust, and certain novels by E.M. Forster.

The Temptations of the Intellectual

Intellectuals often suffer from a deep vanity, the emptiest of all manifestations of envy or pride. But their intellect often leads them to accept the most stupid of ideas.

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