Archbishop Weakland

Revenge of the Neo-Jacobins

Some mock America’s statue-smashers as ignoramuses who do not know what they are doing or why. But there are very good reasons why we see monuments cast down all over the West, including the United States. Let’s not wave this off as mindless stupidity. The radical rule is that the more you destroy, the more [...]

The Fall of the Archbishop

Archbishop Rembert Weakland was a distant if familiar villain in my early teenage years. In the vestibule of the parish office where we held our Legion of Mary meetings, our liberal priests would put old copies of the newsletter of the Womens' Ordination Conference, National Catholic Reporter, and other publications of the Catholic left that [...]

USCC Watch: Finding the Moral Center

The recent meeting of the American Catholic bishops at the Capital Hilton hotel in Washington, D.C., was a contest of progressive proclamation. The auxiliaries and most reverends reveled in the press attention, trying to outdo each other in the hyperbole of their accusations against their coun­try. "Where is the social justice in America?" "Flow can [...]

USCC Watch: Cherchez le Secretaire

As regular readers know, USCC Watch believes that the USCC staff exercises an enormous influence over the bishops' public statements. So when a controversial statement appears, USCC Watch shouts "Cherchez le secretaire," and compares the statement with the known sympathies of the relevant staff member(s). Approaching the USCC from that angle, I have often wondered [...]