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Three Cheers for Smokers

The continued stigmatization of cigarette smokers signals the Leftist lunacy of passionate focus upon trivialities while entirely oblivious to matters of titanic moral consequence. 

Pulling the Plug: Five Strategies for Talking to Democrats About Euthanasia

The topic of physician-assisted suicide, or PAS, is a confusing and heart-wrenching issue for many. In some ways, it can touch us more personally than abortion, as we are all likely to face difficult end-of-life choices at some point, whether for ourselves or for a loved one. We have to navigate Church teaching on bioethics; [...]

Prescription Death: Suicide as a Medical Treatment

  Imagine that you are standing in line at the supermarket pharmacy. As you wait to pick up your prescription, you overhear the pharmacist explaining to the person ahead of you. "To induce death, mix all of this into a sweet beverage and drink it very quickly."   Unimaginable? Unfortunately, no -- that type of [...]