Albert Mohler

Gay Conservatives

Are Gays Replacing Christians in the Conservative Movement?

There seems to be a homosexual ascendancy in certain quarters of the “conservative” movement, and their influence is growing while Christians' influence is waning.

How the Church Must Confront the Sexual Revolution

The Christian church must confront the Sexual Revolution squarely and in its full force. An earlier article in Crisis described how the churches have been cowed by diffidence and fear. If the Western church is to survive in a meaningful way, now is the time to summon its courage and grasp the nettle it has [...]

On Evangelical “Unease” Over Contraception

Birth control is a touchy subject that Evangelicals find extremely difficult to discuss. But as the President's health care mandate officially launches and its oppressive contraception enforcements are questioned, some Evangelicals are reconsidering their embrace of oral contraception, or what is commonly referred to as the Pill. Evangelical leaders like Dr. Albert Mohler who question [...]

Friday Free-for-All: October 8

Time for some Friday morning links: A woman has been arrested in Colorado for attacking a blasphemous piece of art with a crowbar, saying that it "desecrate[d] my lord." The artist responded to the attack by saying, "I don't expect people to agree with me but let's have a civil discussion, you know." Somehow I'm [...]