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Vigano Trump

Archbishop Viganò Was Right About Donald Trump

Whatever one may think about Donald Trump, it is clear that he is a fly in the globalist ointment, as Archbishop Viganò has been saying for years.

Academic Freedom Is a Means to an End: Truth

In May of this year, the newly elected United Conservative Party government of the province of Alberta directed all accredited colleges and universities in the province to adopt policies protecting freedom of expression on campus. Although each school must compose its own statement upholding free-speech rights within the specific context and institutional culture, the famous [...]

Canada’s Free Speech Wars

In Canada, the assaults on free speech continue like clockwork. Free speech, a self-correcting mechanism that makes possible civil public discourse and social peace in free societies, is increasingly under attack throughout Europe and North America. Canada in particular is on an unwavering path toward cultural suicide. It is a shameful period for Canadians, as [...]

A Victory for Free Speech and Children’s Rights at UC Santa Barbara

The Conservative Media brilliantly covered my presentation of the inaugural event of the Anscombe Society at the University of California Santa Barbara. The College Fix broke the story, with an on-the-ground reporter posting within hours of the event, including a video of obnoxious protesters. We got coverage on The Blaze, on the Truth Revolt, and [...]

Clerical Freedom and Academic Freedom

As my readers will have heard, the recently re-elected mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, tried to subpoena the sermons and e-mailed messages of various Christian clergymen in the city in early October only to reverse course following public outrage. Miss Parker is a lesbian living in a pseudogamous relationship with another woman. The clergymen had [...]

How College Students Can Keep the Faith

Across the nation the school year is starting, and on university campuses 18-year-olds are moving into their dormitories and starting their freshmen orientation. Many are apprehensive. Their parents are probably more so. Among the questions on the minds of their parents especially: are the intellects of the Ivory Tower going to undermine their children’s faith? [...]

Life on the Academic Animal Farm

“Do not try to teach a pig how to sing.” That was a piece of advice given to me when I was a young man, by a witty and cavalier drag queen, someone who never had the benefit of reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The closest thing to intellectualism in our lives, circa 1991, was [...]

Progressives Eat Their Own in Virginia

Continuing their commitment to silence anyone who might stand in the way of their agenda, gay and lesbian groups are now beginning to criticize supporters who are thought to be insufficiently loyal. The most recent case involves Douglas Laycock, a University of Virginia law professor, who is married to the University’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan.   [...]

How Same-Sex Marriage Suffocates Freedom (Part II)

But the fact that silenced and marginalized church-goers actually constitute a majority only makes the process by which they are denied their full democratic liberties all the more insidious. For those in doubt as to how this process works, California has provided a prime illustration: through a costly and bruising electoral fight, defenders of natural [...]

How Same-Sex Marriage Suffocates Freedom (Part I)

Those advocating the radical social innovation, which they label “same-sex" or "gay" marriage, typically claim that they are fighting for freedom, championing a basic liberty. “Freedom to Marry” is indeed the name of a national organization devoted to the advocacy of same-sex marriage. Established in 2003 by civil-rights advocate Evan Wolfson and headquartered in New [...]

Tactics of Gay Lobby May Have Chilling Impact on Academic Freedom

I want to be clear, at the outset, that this is not yet another blog about Catholic teaching on the morality of homosexuality, nor is it (except indirectly) one more defense of the traditional family. It’s partly (but again indirectly) about the social effects of treating homosexual unions as though they were equivalent to marriage [...]

Gay Marriage Advocates Use Political Intimidation to Stifle Research

Because scientific progress depends so much upon how research is conducted and peer-reviewed, the matter of research integrity should be a concern for everyone. An acquaintance of mine, University of Texas sociology professor Mark Regnerus, has recently found himself in the center of a tornadic controversy over a paper he published last month in the [...]

Power, Prejudice, and Porn in a “Catholic” University

June 1983 You know, I really loved the place. And things were going so very well. I'd won a Faculty Research Grant. I'd been picked for summer teaching. I had been asked to develop a course for the honors program, and worked in its guided research division as well. I'd had some other research grants. [...]

Academic Freedom and the Vatican: Will Catholic Universities Capitulate?

The new Code of Canon Law, promulgated in 1983, prescribes (canons 807-814) that no university or institute of higher studies may call itself Catholic without the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority; that the teachers appointed excel in integrity of doctrine and uprightness of life; that teachers be dismissed if they lack these requirements; and [...]

Curran, Dissent, & Rome: A Symposium

No matter how they judge the merits of the case, thoughtful Catholics should agree that the current controversy surrounding Rev. Charles Curran is the most crucial intellectual issue now facing the Catholic Church in America. To assess this uniquely important controversy, Catholicism in Crisis asked a number of prominent Catholic thinkers to contribute their thoughts [...]

Curran, Dissent, & Rome: A Symposium

Little has been said of potential legal developments relating to the present controversy over Fr. Charles Curran. Bishop William H. Hughes, Chairman of USCC's Committee of Bishops and Catholic College and University Presidents, was quoted in NC News (November 21) as saying that he was in possession of two "legal briefs" on the matter, which [...]

Curran, Dissent, & Rome: A Symposium

Bertrand Russell once observed dryly that religion could not be taken seriously as truth until it showed itself to be self-correcting, like science. Had Russell been more sympathetic to the whole Judeo-Christian tradition, he would have had to acknowledge its steady development of thought about faith and morals. But part of his intuition was correct: [...]

The Future of Catholic Education: Maintaining the Integrity of the Catholic University

The proposed schema for a Pontifical Document on 1 Catholic Universities is sure to generate anew discussion governing the nature of the Catholic university and its relation­ship to the Magisterium. The schema has already provoked considerable opposition. For some its appearance is regarded as belated, at least as far as the United States is concerned. [...]