A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Declaration of Independence

Today’s Tyrannical Government Contradicts the Declaration’s Self-Evident Truths

Jefferson and the founders weren’t imagining a welfare state devoted to safety, tolerance, and compliance; instead, they wanted to outline a system that maximized self-government and subsidiarity.

What Are You Reading This Summer?

The return of summertime every year often recalls the years that will never return: the golden days of youth. The energy, the activity, the vitality, the shout of play in neighborhood and park stir up memories—the ghosts of juvenile instincts. Sun and sand. Tree and leaf. Bicycles and balls. The taste of watermelon. The smell [...]

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Human problems lend themselves to many solutions, some of them with an oppressive heavy-hand and others with a gentle touch. Gravity easily oppresses and complicates problems whereas lightheartedness  simplifies the complex and applies a magical gentleness that Shakespeare compares to the play of the fairies at night that perform their favors in the silence of [...]