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Since 1982, Crisis Magazine has been America's leading source for Catholic perspectives on religion, culture, and politics. Join editor-in-chief Eric Sammons and leading Catholics on "The Crisis Point."

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Recent Episodes

When the FBI Comes Knocking…

The FBI swatting and arrest of a Catholic pro-life leader sent a clear message to the pro-life community: the government wants us to be silent. How will we respond?

The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King?

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles III, Catholics are once again asking: Is there any value to a monarchy that is built upon anti-Catholic foundations?

The End of Democracy?

President Biden and the Left are warning that democracy is under attack from Trump and the MAGA Republicans. But is the threat actually from the Left, and more importantly, is democracy worth defending?

Fighting Abortion in a Post-Dobbs America (Guest: Prudence Robertson)

With the fall of Roe, the fight against abortion has taken new directions. What is the state of the pro-life movement today, and what needs to be done to make abortion illegal and unthinkable in all 50 states? We'll ask the host of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly these important questions.

Biblical “Scholarship” Becomes Cultural Propaganda

Outreach, “an LGBTQ Catholic Resource” created by the Jesuit-run America Magazine, recently ran an article by a Protestant Biblical scholar claiming that we should read the Bible to be—surprise!—more inclusive and welcoming of LGBTQ people. We’ll take apart the article on today’s Crisis Point.

Ecumenism: The God That Failed

In the 1960's, the Catholic Church enthusiastically embraced the ecumenical movement after decades of being cold to it. Sixty years later, has this embrace helped or hindered the mission of the Church?

In Defense of Monarchy (Guest: Charles Coulombe)

In today’s world, especially in the West, monarchy is looked upon as, at best, a quaint relic of the past, or, at worst, a fundamentally repressive institution. But Catholicism has a deep relationship with monarchy and some Catholics argue it is the best form of government possible. Should Catholics be monarchists?

What Makes a Mass “Reverent”?

One of the fundamental debates in today’s “liturgy wars” is the idea of reverence. What makes a Mass reverent? Is it the language, the orientation, the music, or something else?

Catholics Are Called to be Militant

A recent article in The Atlantic attacked those who call the Rosary a weapon, but even many Catholics today are uncomfortable with language they find too militaristic. What does it mean to be the Church Militant?

Don’t Fall Out of the Church

The crisis in the Church over the past few decades has caused many to lose faith and leave. That trend is accelerating under Pope Francis and includes some who were vocally Catholic in the past. What can we do to prevent our own fall out of the Church?

The State of Catholicism in England (Guest: Gavin Ashenden)

Catholicism has a rich and turbulent history in England. From the arrival of St. Augustine of Canterbury to the great Medieval English giants to the break with Rome by Henry VIII, Catholicism has played an important role in England’s history. Today on Crisis Point we’ll take a look at the current state of Catholicism in England with a special guest.

Is Amoris Laetitia Orthodox? (Guest: Dr. Eduardo Echeverria)

Since its publication six years ago, the papal encyclical Amoris Laetitia has been a source of controversy. The most disputed chapter is the infamous Chapter 8 which talks of “accompanying, discerning and integrating weakness.” Is this chapter consistent with Catholic teaching, or does is stray from orthodoxy?

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