Have the Courage to Say, “Jazz is Not a Girl”

“Jazz” Jennings is a deeply troubled 15-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl and has been raised as a girl since an early age.

Jennings has become a breakout star in the transsexual firmament, starting with self-made YouTube videos that drew an immediate audience. When he was seven years old his parents actually let him appear on a Barbara Walters show to announce his transsexualism. “Jazz” now has a reality show on TLC, and recently released an illustrated story book for little children called I am Jazz.

A few weeks ago, Jessica Herthel—a lawyer, activist, and co-author of I am Jazzwas invited by a school district in Wisconsin to read from the book. Herthel, a Harvard-educated lawyer, is connected to something called the Stonewall National Museum and Archives, the mission of which is to insinuate homosexual propaganda into American school systems.

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There is a video of “Jazz” talking about the book, which begins: “I am Jazz. For as long as I remember my favorite color has been pink. My second favorite color is silver. And my third favorite color is green.” Nice and normal, right?

“Jazz” goes on to explain, “I have a girl brain but a boy body. This is called transgender. I was born this way.”

In the letter the school sent to parents, they reiterated the novel idea that there is such a thing as a girl brain in a boy body. The school district also explains that gender is “assigned” at birth, and that “a girl who likes short hair and likes a boy name is now a boy.”

The school district gave parents only one school-day’s warning that this was about to happen. A threat letter from Liberty Counsel, the folks who also represent Kim Davis, stopped the reading, at least for now.

The school district did not tell parents or the kids that “Jazz’s” parents have allowed their son to ingest potentially dangerous drugs and hormones both to stunt his growth as a boy, and to grow the secondary sexual characteristics of a girl, namely breasts.

They did not tell parents or the kids about a new World Health Organization report that shows the incidence of HIV infection is 49 times higher among so-called transsexuals than the general population.

And they did not tell parents or the kids that transsexuals are a hot commodity in the flesh trade; or that a significant portion of them ply that trade and they did not explain that transsexuals who sell their bodies are nine times more likely to contract HIV than transsexuals who are not prostitutes.

With regard to the propagandistic notion being spoon-fed to kids that there is such a thing as a girl brain in a boy body, there is a new study out from Dr. Daphna Joel at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel Aviv University that “Jazz” and his girl brain will not want to hear. As reported in New Scientist, Joel claims to have done the first research of its kind: her team took brain scans from 1400 people between 13 and 85 years old. They looked at parts of the brain that have traditionally been considered either male or female. Less than 8 percent of the patients had “all male” or “all female” brains. The rest were “on a continuum.”

Now, it should be noted that Joel and her colleagues have an ideological reason for their research and their conclusions. Bruce McEwen at Rockefeller University in New York told New Scientist, “We are beginning to realize the complexity of what we have traditionally understood to be ‘male’ and ‘female’ and this study is the first step in that direction.” It is a commonplace notion among sexual revolutionaries and cultural Marxists that there are no differences between men and women, and that male and female are no more than social constructs.

But we know that testosterone is secreted by the male gonads, and that it does certain things to us. It gives men increased muscle, bone mass, and body hair. It is required for the development of sperm. We also know that testosterone contributes to the masculinization of the brain, including giving us a larger brain than females. This is not merely incidental; it contributes to our more aggressive nature.

Similarly, estrogen is the sex hormone in women that makes them womanly.

Of course, transsexuals know all this, which is why “Jazz” and others like him ingest dangerous drugs intended to mess with testosterone and estrogen so that they will not develop as nature made them.

There is no doubt your children are hearing the message of the poor abused boy called “Jazz.” If not him, then others like him. They are being told that gender is fluid—that boy brains can be born into girl bodies and vice versa. They are being told this is normal and natural and that disagreement with this conclusion is nothing more than “transphobia” and bigotry.

What is needed these days is courage—utter fearlessness in standing for the truth. We must have the bravery of Walt Heyer, a man who lived for many years as a woman, and now runs a website called “Sex Change Regret” that tells the story of many dozens of men and women who went through the nightmare that has only just begun for “Jazz.”

We must educate ourselves about what transsexualism really is. Dr. Ray Blanchard, a respected trans-friendly researcher from Canada, places transsexualism into two basic categories: “transsexual homosexuals” who want to appear as women in order to attract other men, and “autogynephilic” transsexuals who are sexually aroused by the thought of having breasts and a vagina. Which of these do we want to encourage in our already confused boys and girls? So confused is “Jazz,” that at various times he has said he’s attracted to boys, but lately has said he is “pansexual.”

One should consider the study by the National Institute of Health that shows the suicide rate among transsexuals in trans-friendly Sweden to be significantly higher than the general population.

Dr. Paul McHugh, former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, shut down their notorious sex-change unit because he understood the transsexual impulse is a form of mental illness that is not treated by chopping off parts of the body. In fact, as the Swedish study shows, that likely exacerbates the underlying sickness.

McHugh compares transsexualism to anorexia. The anorexic looks in the mirror and is convinced a fat person is staring back when, in fact, they are skeletal. The answer is genuine compassion and treatment, and not indulging in ideological experiments on individuals and society as a whole.

There are some things only experts can believe, and one of them is the whole transgender mess. The common man and woman must stand on their common sense and say no, sometimes loudly, to the experts who are trying to poison our minds and the minds of our young. You may be ostracized. If that is the price, so be it.

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