Donald Trump and the Canary in the LGBT Coal Mine

As Donald Trump begins to staff his administration, his appointees should understand how deeply the ideologically-driven LGBTs have burrowed into permanent jobs in the permanent bureaucracy and how dangerous they are.

The new political appointees should also understand how this group and their allies have driven those who may disagree with their agenda either underground or from the federal bureaucracy altogether, and some even to jail.

And they should understand that this group is entrenched and determined not to give an inch in the territory they have gained under the incredibly radical Obama administration.

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The LGBT cadres had already made great strides under the Bush administration. When the French and German governments initiated a statement at the UN calling for “sexual orientation and gender identity” as a new category of nondiscrimination in international law, the Bush administration almost signed it. This was not even remotely binding, but would have set a dangerous precedent. But, the United States almost signed it after Condoleezza Rice was aggressively lobbied by the highly organized LGBTs at the State Department. Only an intervention from the National Security Council killed it.

Of course, it was signed immediately upon the arrival of Barack Obama. And it has been under Obama that the LGBT agenda has become “part of the DNA of our foreign policy,” in the memorable words of US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power.

But it was what happened to a lawyer named Scott Bloch that stands as an object lesson for how far the LGBTs are willing to go to ruin those who may stand in their way in the halls of power. Way back in 2004, Scott Bloch was the canary in the coal mine, and the poisonous LGBT gas well and truly got him.

Bloch was a lawyer in good standing with the new administration of President George W. Bush. He was eventually hired to run the little known Office of Special Counsel, an executive branch investigative and prosecutorial office for protecting executive branch whistle blowers. Under his predecessor in the Clinton administration, the category for protection had been expanded to include “sexual orientation,” something that was outside the law.

Among his first acts in taking control of the office, Bloch took “sexual orientation” out as a protected category. Even now, sexual orientation is not a protected civil rights category like race and religion. Bloch was marked for political and professional death.

Almost immediately, the cowards in the West Wing threw Bloch to the wolves. Columnist Robert Novak reported that the Bushies sent an intermediary to demand his resignation, which Bloch declined. Now, certainly, this was a fight they did not want at that time, but that is the thing with cowards on this issue. They never want to fight it.

The Log Cabins called for Bloch’s head. The homosexual press went after him. LGBT employees of the federal government threw a fit.

There were naturally further charges against Bloch, chief among them that he was Catholic and that he had the temerity to hire lawyers from a Catholic law school. And something like a war broke out between Bloch and the Bush administration. Bloch came under investigation for allegedly punishing employees who disagreed with his change in policy toward sexual orientation. He began an investigation into Karl Rove and the violations of the Hatch Act that forbids federal employees from campaigning on federal property (this had to do with destroyed emails; sound familiar?).

At some point Bloch had an outside firm perform something called a “seven level” wipe of his computer and those of his staff. He said it was a computer virus and that he saved all the files.

This all began because Bloch wanted to follow the law on sexual orientation and the LGBTs would not have it, and the cowards in the Bush administration would not defend him. Maybe Bloch went too far too fast. That is certainly what I thought at the time. The Bushies no doubt thought, “we don’t need this fight right now.” Even so, Bloch was their guy and they had no problem being complicit in destroying him.

This is what awaits anyone who steps into a job in the federal government for the Trump administration. The LGBTs are now even further ensconced and in more positions of power. Though I have little doubt Trump people will be braver than Bush people and will have less patience with political correctness, will they have the stomach for this fight?

Consider this: Sometime during the Obama administration, they determined to bring the homosexual issue into the congressionally mandated Office of Religious Freedom of the State Department. This is the office that is to report annually on the persecution of religions around the world. Obama shoe-horned LGBT into that office, much to the chagrin of some of those working in the office. A contact formerly in that office told me that those who objected were sidelined and later fired. This person told me this exact same thing has happened all over the federal government where organized LGBTs have gotten people fired who stood in their way or otherwise objected to their agenda.

The anti-Christian rainbow flag flies over US embassies all over the world. Exporting LGBT is now part of the “DNA” of our foreign policy, often to the detriment of our legitimate national security. We have homosexuals openly serving in the military, without a doubt something that is harmful to unit cohesion, but we have the proposition of men in dresses openly serving as well. Even more, we may be forced to use taxpayer money to pay for sex change operations. We have Christians hounded out of the military for expressing Christians beliefs about human sexuality.

It is crucial that anyone who takes a top spot in the administration in any of the agencies to know that sexual radicals have burrowed in and burrowed deep and they are out to protect their turf and they are out to take scalps, Christian scalps.

Anyone who is appointed and who sets out to resist this ugliness will be targeted. Only the strongest and bravest will do. But it is necessary. The health of our republic hangs in the balance.

Editors note: Pictured above is the US embassy in Ottawa, Canada celebrating “gay pride” in 2014.

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