A New Devastating Critique of the Global Sexual Revolution

It is quite remarkable that we are fighting the same battle from before the French Revolution, the fight between sexual license and sexual morality. The fight has been non-stop. Sometimes we are winning, other times, like now, we are losing.

On the one side are the radicals who genuinely believe traditional morality as espoused by the Catholic Church and expressed in a monogamous man-woman marriage open to life is a prison where freedom goes to die. It is more complicated than that because many of these sexual revolutionaries additionally understood sexual license as a means to control and move the masses.

On the other side are those who know that true freedom is freedom to choose the good and that sexual license is nothing more than slavery and chaos. They also understand that the sexual drive ordered to the good can be the font of social and familial strength and flourishing and a bulwark against the predictable chaos and death inevitably dealt by the revolution.

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Add the name Gabriele Kuby to the pantheon of clear-eyed and fearless thinkers and writers striving to wake people up to the ongoing assault on family and Church through this sexual manipulation.

This pantheon includes Dale O’Leary whose Gender Agenda told the story of radical feminism at the UN; Judith Reisman who exposed the criminality of the child-masturbator Alfred Kinsey; Marguerite Peeters who explains the intellectual machinations of UN elites; Stella Morabito who shows us how thought control on sexual matters leads quite deliberately to totalitarianism; E. Michael Jones whose magnum opus Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control argues the French Revolution was caused in large part by sexual revolutionaries like the Marquis de Sade and his libertine allies; Jennifer Roback Morse whose Ruth Institute seeks to awaken and save the victims of the Sexual Revolution; and Michael Walsh whose Devil’s Pleasure Palace teaches us about the Frankfurt School and the madness of cultural Marxism.

And the body count of the revolution Kuby et al. describe grows ever higher. Every aborted baby, every death from AIDS, every trafficked child, every camera-ready gang-rape piped into hotel rooms and onto the smart-phones of teenagers, every lost soul can be added to the deadly ledger of the sexual revolutionaries.

Global Revolution covGabriele Kuby is not known on these shores. She is well known in Germany, however, where she is regularly attacked by the sexual left. Frequently on television defending the eternal truths, there was even a play produced last year that presented the murder of Kuby and other defenders of traditional morality to the applause of yet another generation of German totalitarians.

Her book The Global Sexual Revolution has been translated into English and published by John Riess and his Angelico Press in collaboration with LifeSite News, and we are grateful.

Like others whose works she builds on, Kuby gets it just right—that the freedom offered by the sexual revolutionaries is another and highly effective means of enslavement.

Kuby begins with those she calls “the trailblazers” including the Marquis de Sade who lived and wrote violent pornography from his cell in the Bastille as the Ancien Régime fell and the French Revolution commenced. She runs quickly through Malthus, Sanger, Marx & Engels, Wilhelm Reich, Freud & Jung, behaviorist John Watson, PR guru Edward Bernays, Bernard Berelson, child abuser Alfred Kinsey, sex-change monster John Money, a veritable rogue’s gallery of wicked men whose personal immorality drove them to undermine the morality of mankind.

She mentions some I had never heard of like Alexandra Kollontai of the Russian Revolution. She championed “legalized divorce and abortion, established communal houses, and promoted free love to liberal women from the ‘choice between marriage and prostitution’.” Kollontai said, “The home fire is going out in all classes and strata of the population, and of course no artificial measures will fan its fading flame.” She sounds remarkably like present-day academics calling for the end of man-woman marriage.

Kuby analyzes a very dangerous document that hardly anyone knows about called the Yogyakarta Principles, a manifesto produced by a cabal of leftist homosexuals and “human rights” activists that purports to be an official almost binding document, which it’s not. It insists that “sexual orientation and gender identity” must be read into all the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

She writes about how the Sexual Revolution has metastasized through the work of UN conferences, and also through the European Union.

In this context Kuby writes about the con game of gender and the thing called “gender mainstreaming” that says “gender” must be an integral part of all UN policy and activity. Starting in 1985 at the Third World Conference on Women, a predecessor to the Beijing Women’s Conference on 1995, “gender mainstreaming is introduced at all levels of policy.” The Swedes adopted it in 1994, the Norwegians in 1996 and it was reiterated at Beijing in ’95 followed by the EU in ’98, Germany in ’99 … well you get the picture. In political theory this is called a “norm cascade.”

The interesting thing about gender at the UN is that it is defined quite well in the hard-law treaty that created the International Criminal Court as “men and women in the context of society.” Even at the Beijing Women’s Conference gender was to be understood “as it has traditionally been understood.”

But the con game is two-fold. First, the UN ignores the definition of gender as decided by sovereign states. Second, the meaning of gender has now changed even further into something called “gender identity” that is being forced on us by authoritarian leftists in positions of power like the US Department of Justice.

Most of those caught up in this profoundly misguided quest for freedom are innocents in that they are not part of the conspiracy. After all, many of us have been among those innocents. They may be carriers of the Sexual Revolution, and carriers of much else besides, but they are not the cause. They may be material heretics to conventional morality but they are not formal heretics, the ones pulling strings with malevolent intent.

As for those with malevolent intent, Kuby and all the others tilling this field know, in the words of writer William Gavin, that “…the radical left in every country in which it has gained power, ever since the French Revolution, has wanted to dismantle, destroy, marginalize, or make impotent the Roman Catholic Church.” We are the enemy. Those with malevolent intent at the UN, the academy, national governments, major corporations and the media know you are the enemy.

And so it makes sense that the person who wrote a book such as this spent much of her life on a spiritual quest with all dead-ends but one: the Church of Rome. The story of her conversion to Catholicism was a bestseller in Germany. Here’s hoping that it, too, will one day appear in English like her valuable book on the global Sexual Revolution.

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