In the summer of 2020, from the quiet setting of my home office, I watched as many cities fell into manufactured implosions at the hands of the mob and cancel-culture. Up until that point, the general theme of 2020, in the wake of COVID-19, was unity to “stop” or to “slow the spread.” And so, [...]

In the summer of 2020, from the quiet setting of my home office, I watched as many cities fell into manufactured implosions at the hands of the mob and cancel-culture. Up until that point, the general theme of 2020, in the wake of COVID-19, was unity to “stop” or to “slow the spread.” And so, [...]

I imagine the majority of readers here at Crisis are from the great nation a couple hours south of my hometown. As a Canadian I grew up in a culture that was heavily influenced by all the good—and the bad—that comes from my southern neighbor, and I have great affection for the USA. But there [...]

For a moment as brief as it was recent, the prospects of Catholics in the American public square looked better than they ever had. Amy Coney Barrett, a devout Catholic mother, was nominated and confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. U.S. Attorney General William Barr was speaking frequently about the place of people of faith—and [...]

In my experience as a teacher, I have generally found that there are very few surprises when predicting which students will succeed or fail in school and beyond. The students who succeed and become leaders are inevitably the ones who work hard, follow the rules, and take relatively few risks. The students at the bottom [...]

My wife was at the rally in Washington DC yesterday. She went in a small bus with a handful of conservative men and women, most of them well into their 60s. A friend of ours was there with her children. There were many children there. Participants were given specific instructions in advance about how to [...]

Yesterday’s images of people literally invading the Senate chambers of the U.S. Capitol are stunning. Following months of “mostly peaceful” (i.e. violent) protests in major cities last summer, these scenes conjure up comparisons to revolutionary moments in history. What they don’t conjure up, however, is the quintessential image of America. Things like this aren’t supposed [...]

The Congressional certification of the 2020 presidential election scheduled for today shows every sign of becoming a real circus. Whether the efforts of the President and his supporters—namely, to undo what is widely considered to have been a spectacularly fraudulent election—will succeed or not will may be known by the time you read these words. [...]

[Editor’s Note: Published below is an interview with Archbishop Carlo Viganò conducted by Stephen K. Bannon, host of the popular podcast, "War Room: Pandemic." Crisis is publishing this interview as a newsworthy perspective on current events. The opinions expressed therein do not necessarily imply endorsement by the Crisis Editorial Board. The full interview can also [...]

The recently-opened 117th Congress experienced what could be considered the most laughable prayer ever uttered if it was not in the context of such a serious platform. Representative Emanuel Cleaver from Missouri was sworn in on Sunday, and led a prayer in front of Congress to conclude the process. Ordinarily, this would be an appropriate [...]

Years ago, after another outrage in Beirut, I recall a comment by a Jihadist intellectual. He was disgusted with the then widespread belief that such atrocities only happen within Muslim countries, a sign of their civilizational inferiority. He longed for the day when such frequent bombings would also be an everyday event in Western cities. That [...]

Liberty Is Not Enough

Liberty is enshrined as the greatest good of the American political experiment. Its primacy is codified in our founding political documents, anthemized in our patriotic music, and honored in political speeches, legal rulings, and newspaper editorials. “If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation,” wrote the Supreme Court majority in its 1943 ruling, [...]

After New Year’s Day, millions of schoolchildren from kindergarten to university will troop back into their education factories. There, the work of turning their heads to mush shall resume at the hands of their… ah, educators. This might seem a bit strident on my part; however, the truth is that events across the country (since [...]

Ever since “red states” and “blue states” entered our popular lexicon in the weeks following the 2000 election, Americans have understood that our country’s citizens have taken two divergent paths at the fork in the road. Twenty years later, the possibility that those paths will converge one day seems more and more remote. That is [...]

By now, the majority of Americans have likely tuned out of the voter fraud saga. It is so extensive, so complex, but mostly, so futile. The steal is indeed proving to be too big to fail, and no one wants to touch it. Embittered and exhausted, disenfranchised Americans are done hoping and are mentally preparing [...]

  If you wanted to radically diminish the influence of Christianity in America, what would you do? You would make it against the law. You would bring the law down on the Christian faith by labeling its core teaching as “hate speech.” The claim that same-sex attraction is an unnatural state, and that homosexual acts [...]

The Chinese Communist Party is “an enemy of humanity.” So declared former Chinese political prisoner, Chen Guangcheng, at the Republican National Convention back in August of 2020. “In China, expressing beliefs or ideas not approved by the CCP—religion, democracy, human rights—can lead to prison. The nation lives under mass surveillance and censorship.” Chen would know. [...]

To put it mildly, conservatives have a growing frustration over the Supreme Court. When President Trump appointed three justices to the highest bench in the land, there came with that an expectation that the court would make rulings which were more conservative in their leaning. While we did see that inclination regarding keeping houses of [...]

Perhaps because of the severity of the Covid restrictions currently in place, the public in Austria has had more pressing worries than the follow-up investigation into the Islamic terrorist murder spree on November 2. The All Souls’ Day massacre that claimed the lives of three people in Vienna’s downtown district as well as the twenty-year-old [...]

Americans who identify as conservatives thought that, when President Donald Trump was able to get three conservative justices appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court—Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Barrett—the tide favoring the institution of the family, which is based on marriage exclusively between one man and one woman, had finally turned. More so after [...]

Poland and Hungary are in trouble with the European Union again. Ostensibly, this time it is a budgetary dispute that neither Warsaw nor Budapest is willing to sign off on. But, in essence, it is a clash of postmodernism on the one hand and traditionalism on the other. Brussels endeavors brutally to impose its social-engineering [...]

On December 6, major news outlets announced that “President-elect” Joe Biden selected California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as his nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Prior to the announcement, it was rumored that Becerra would serve as the U.S. Attorney General under the Biden Administration, given his involvement with the “Biden for Catholics” [...]