Are the Culture Wars Over?

Many conservatives say the Culture Wars are over and we have lost.  Many people look around our culture and society and see utter destruction. They see grade-schoolers being taught that the gay-sex drug PrEP is just peachy. They see kids being taught there is this thing called anal sex. Seventh graders in my local school [...]

Are the Culture Wars Over?

Many conservatives say the Culture Wars are over and we have lost.  Many people look around our culture and society and see utter destruction. They see grade-schoolers being taught that the gay-sex drug PrEP is just peachy. They see kids being taught there is this thing called anal sex. Seventh graders in my local school [...]

One thing that every COVID-19 mandate has in common—masks, lockdowns, and now vaccines—is that they originated in the dictatorship of technocracy. By this term, I am referring to the combination of applied science and statecraft as the solution to the problem of suffering and death. The underlying historical context of this phenomenon is the centuries-old [...]

Is there a more contentious issue today than the topic of vaccination? I would say lockdowns, but even nations who were once mad with lockdown-lust have recently admitted that shutting down civilization is perhaps not a sustainable way to live; for evidence of this, see the recent news out of Australia. If there has been [...]

What do Andrew Jackson, John C. Calhoun, Stephen Douglas, James Buchanan, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden have in common? All of course have been either Democratic presidents or presidential contenders spanning the long history of the oldest political party in continuous existence on the face of this earth. But they have [...]

Faithful pro-life Catholics, whether Republican or Democrat or whatever political stripe, were treated to a sad spectacle last week. A potentially monumental victory for the long-suffering pro-life movement—a Texas bill banning abortions upon hearing an unborn baby’s heartbeat, which received crucial support by a majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices—was denounced by a Catholic president [...]

Teaching is a profession that can age you quickly. The generations of students fly by every four years, not in decades. I have found myself repeatedly asked to give a talk on “The History of the Pro-life Movement” to high school and college students who are ardent in their concern for women in difficult pregnancies [...]

By now, most Americans have noticed a disturbing trend: prices are going up. In some cases, way up. Last summer I built a treehouse for my kids, and I’m grateful that I did it before I needed to be Warren Buffet to afford a 2x4. And it’s not just lumber: used cars, groceries, housing (both [...]

The superior man is distressed by the limitations of his ability; he is not distressed by the fact that men do not recognize the ability that he has. - Confucius Confucius was not a whiner, nor did he encourage or approve of a society built upon a false sense of entitlement, or the clinging to [...]

It wasn’t long after I’d left South Vietnam for good—my year-long tour of duty having abruptly ended two weeks early, owing to growing enemy encirclement of the country—that the news broke that Saigon had finally fallen. This was in April of 1975, and by then America’s appetite for war had pretty much been exhausted. I [...]

[Editor's Note: The below is an Open Letter from Dr. Douglas Farrow regarding proposed COVID-related mandates and passports specifically in Quebec, Canada, and the letter can serve as a model for other jurisdictions.] To the Minister of Health: I wish to record my opposition to coercive vaccine mandates and to vaccine passports. I offer for [...]

For twenty years we have been fighting a global war on terror without much to show for it. This lack of success stems from a deception at the heart of the war effort. The deception is to call it a war on terror when it is, in fact, a war on Islamic terror. For twenty [...]

“A pretty face may be enough to catch a man, but it takes character and good nature to hold him.” – St. Thomas More To the dismay of many a crumpet-and-tea Englishman, earlier this summer British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was married in Westminster Cathedral, the seat of Catholicism in London. Johnson’s marriage to Carrie [...]

On Holy Saturday, 1921, leaving his exile in the Swiss Alps, King Charles IV of Hungary discreetly entered Budapest by way of Szombathely with a falsified Spanish passport. He had come to reclaim his throne. The regent, Admiral Miklós Horthy, had sworn fealty to the Habsburg king three years before at Schönbrunn Palace. Now, under [...]

George Orwell once said, “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” His point has been proven for him a hundred times over, not least in the past few weeks, as Dr. Joseph Meaney shows his July 30 article “The Rhetoric of ‘Vaccine Hesitancy”. Dr. Meaney, who serves as president of the National Catholic [...]

The American Medical Association House of Delegates recently released a statement calling for sex to be removed as a legal designation from birth certificates. Sandra Fryhofer, the chair of the board of the AMA, stated: “Designating sex on birth certificates as male or female, and making that information available on the public portion, perpetuates a view [...]

The louder he talked of the common good, the faster we counted our spoons. That’s not the original quote, of course. What Ralph Waldo Emerson actually wrote over a century and a half ago was, “the faster he talked about his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” But the sentiment is the same: that [...]

In the United Kingdom, the House of Lords is currently scrutinizing the new animal welfare bill, and many have argued that it is bad law. It doesn’t solve any particular legal problem, and there are concerns that passing it will give some committee free reign to hammer the farming and fishing industries. These are good [...]

Harsha Walia, a month after she called for Catholic churches to be burned “down,” resigned from her post as executive director of a Canadian civil rights group after a public outcry. She sparked an online fury in calling for violence against Catholic churches stating “Burn it all down.” Nonetheless, her approval of violence was not [...]

“Get married and start a family.” Sage advice given to the next generation of young conservatives at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s conference, held this past weekend in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s about time the emerging new Right of the conservative movement got its priorities straight. If anything, something as timeless and as necessary as this should [...]

Reconsidering 1/6

The day after the incursion into the U.S. Capitol, I wrote in these pages that the events that day were not part of my conservative movement. Breaking into a federal building and fighting with police is not something that our set does. I was, and I remain, appalled at what I saw.  I remain convinced [...]

Earlier this year, the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development (DPIHD) joined with the Vatican COVID-19 Commission and the Strategic Concept for the Removal of Arms and Proliferation (SCRAP) of the SOAS University of London to co-host a webinar entitled “Advancing Integral Disarmament in Times of Pandemic.” The goal of this conference was to [...]