The rising barbarism we see all around us cannot be ignored, nor can we withhold the medicine to cure it.

The rising barbarism we see all around us cannot be ignored, nor can we withhold the medicine to cure it.

The fact that nearly all of the documented cases of monkeypox have emerged in the population of men who have sex with men seems to suggest that the disease has a behavioral component to it. But many just don’t want to acknowledge that.

The term “anti-fascist” is of Soviet origin, and serves to mask the assumption that socialism is the only alternative to fascism.

The “Catholic case for Biden” was always an attempt to subvert the hierarchy of moral issues and to either equivocate or deny the preeminence of abortion as the gravest moral evil of our day.

Whatever her name or story, a 10-year-old girl has become an unfortunate pawn in a national pro-abortion propaganda war that is not so much interested in the truth as point scoring.

What Pope Pius XI called a “restructuring of the social order” as an application of Catholic social teaching offers a greater reset than anything imagined by proponents or opponents of The Great Reset gang.

Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania lamented the vindication of his own father in his desire to defend the murder of unborn children.

Far from the rallying cry of “safe, legal, and rare,” advocates for abortion today claim that abortion is a social good and a necessary condition to ensure women’s success. 

The Dutch government is imposing extreme restrictions on farmers that could put 30% of them out of business. It’s difficult to say whether Dutch officials are profoundly stupid or downright evil.

There are certainly lies and lifestyles that discerning Catholics should discriminate, insofar as they are unhealthy and not conducive to human happiness and fulfillment.

I knew instantly it was false when Cassidy Hutchinson told the January 6th committee that Trump tried to hijack the presidential SUV and, in the process, choked a Secret Service agent. 

Roe is not just a legal opinion, nor is it simply a political issue. Roe v. Wade is a philosophy. Roe is over, but the philosophy of Roe is still here. And it is the philosophy of Roe that also needs to be culturally overturned. 

Though we have achieved a victory, these are still the times that try men’s souls. The-end-justifies-the-means Left has been dealt a blow; but like Bilbo in the cave of Smaug this is just the awakening.

Jefferson and the founders weren’t imagining a welfare state devoted to safety, tolerance, and compliance; instead, they wanted to outline a system that maximized self-government and subsidiarity.

Many of the ancient world’s best and brightest—Plato and Aristotle in particular—held democracy to be among the worst possible forms of government because the great majority of men and women are ruled not by their reason but by their passions.

The monumental Dobbs ruling will have an influence far beyond the shores of America.

Kennedy v. Bremerton School District represents another victory for religious freedom and pushes back against the idea that religion must be invisible in the United States.

Should we continue to have the March for Life on January 22nd? Should we even continue to have a national March for Life?

It is time for pro-life state legislators to halt funding to all abortion providers by redirecting federal funds to services helping pregnant mothers.

We must give thanks to God for this tremendous victory in the cause of the sanctity of human life. But thanks must also go to Donald Trump.

The night that Roe fell, I gathered together with many pro-life friends – some prominent scholars known widely for their pro-life work, others ordinary people who regularly perform hidden acts of charity to aid pregnant women in distress. All were united by their enormous gratitude for the new reality: the right to abortion is no [...]