The acts of that evil lunatic in Uvalde are being used to advance certain false narratives. So it requires us to understand what school shootings really are. Indeed, we need to understand what mass shootings really are.

Given its flawed reasoning, ambiguities, and blatant discontinuity with Tradition and Scripture, it would be a travesty to see Amoris Laetitia displace Veritatis Splendor as the blueprint for a new moral theology.

Pro-lifers have always maintained that, far from “liberating” women, Roe liberated men to follow their most base sexual instincts while sloughing the outcome on to women and on any child that is conceived.

Msgr. Thomas Wells was killed 22 years ago today, the result of his efforts to root out active homosexuality in the clergy.

A Nigerian priest recounts the local response to the recent tragic shooting at a Nigerian Catholic church, and gives his thoughts on the environment that led to the persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

In the past, great Catholic saints stood in the way of perilous dangers in order to defend their churches. Catholic men need to do the same today.

If deathly totalitarianism happened to Germany—which, for all its vaunted progress and sophistication, could not prevent its falling into barbarism—it can happen here.

You WILL Comply!

The Rainbow Regime demands complete compliance in support of the Alphabet People.

New Vatican regulations have led to forcibly-shuttered monasteries’ assets being claimed by a bureaucratic monastic federation, the diocese, and the Vatican, raising questions on how decisions are made.

Top Gun: Maverick is a fun movie that asks an important question: Should America always be the one to come running when the U.N. calls, especially when it puts lives in grave danger? 

A flurry of papal appointments, a tabernacle is stolen from a Brooklyn church, and Canada wants to confiscate everyone’s guns. We’ll cover that and more on today’s Crisis Weekly Wrap-Up.

The Path to Rome by Hilaire Belloc is a work of humility and awe, of gratitude and hope, of faith and love.

Long before corporate America and the public school system were grooming children into adopting a rainbow way of life, Hugh Hefner was grooming generations into fornication and sexual debauchery.

The race that does not accept respect for man from the time of his conception, is destined to an ignominious end, because it distorts the concept of love of neighbor, mistakes it with egoism, and cannot conceive the love of God at all.

In spite of being atheistic liberals, comedians Bill Maher and Ricky Gervais appear to be fed up with the latest lie of the sexual revolution, transgenderism.

The Founders’ republican ideals put a premium on personal independence, and having a population that could defend itself was part of that tradition. Moreover, it was also considered a check against tyrannical governments. 

Recent revelations about the Southern Baptists show that sexual abuse is not a “Catholic thing.” But it is a cultural thing and churches have been invaded by that culture of self-gratification that will take what it wants.

Because the Holy Ghost inspired all the poetry of the Psalms, and because the three canticles in the Gospel of Luke are each preceded by the phrase “filled with the Holy Spirit,” Pentecost is the perfect time for a poetry reading party.

Most politicians are looking at the means or the opportunity behind mass shootings. Instead we need to change a culture that motivates such shootings.

As abortion increasingly roils American public life, the feast of the Visitation refutes the false prophets within Christianity, and unfortunately even Catholicism, who claim that support for abortion and Christianity are compatible.