Tomorrow, July 30th, is the 100th anniversary of Chesterton’s reception into the Catholic Faith. Let us look to him for a deeper understanding of the importance of calling non-Catholics to conversion to the Church.

We may have a third, and perhaps most catastrophic, change coming to Catholic teaching under the pontificate of Francis.

The fact that nearly all of the documented cases of monkeypox have emerged in the population of men who have sex with men seems to suggest that the disease has a behavioral component to it. But many just don’t want to acknowledge that.

A thriving parish in Washington DC is the latest victim of the pope's motu proprio "Traditionis Custodes."

A newly-appointed pastor reflects on the responsibilities given to him.

A recent decision out of the Diocese of Savannah reveals a fundamentally broken view of how the Church should operate.

The term “anti-fascist” is of Soviet origin, and serves to mask the assumption that socialism is the only alternative to fascism.

For two years a single American priest has worked seventeen-hour days to spiritually and mentally prepare teenage girls for what might await them in some of the most dangerous towns in the world.

With the metallization of man, the previous two effects, the commoditization of man and the mechanization of man, are then joined by the growth of a view of man as being nothing more than a collection of parts rather than a person with innate value.

The recent changes to the administration of Opus Dei are puzzling.

Monkeypox is the latest evidence exposing our culture's lie that homosexual behavior isn't dangerous.

Here we see the pathos, the sheer sadness that impinges at every turn upon the pursuit and practice of justice. There can be no end to the business of making things fair, definitively and purely so. Not in this life anyway. 

Billionaire Elon Musk has come out as a proponent of big families, but his understanding of the role of children and their parents leaves a lot to be desired.

One shouldn’t be shamed in being labeled a restorationist. God is a restorationist. All of us who are Catholic should be restorationists. 

The Holy Spirit at Vatican II protected the Church from casting its lot with what has been a colossal failure. But now it appears that that connection is going to be made, nearly sixty years later.

The “Catholic case for Biden” was always an attempt to subvert the hierarchy of moral issues and to either equivocate or deny the preeminence of abortion as the gravest moral evil of our day.

Jordan Peterson has just released an interview that cannot fail to shock many who have followed Jordan Peterson as a conservative thinker, as it undermines traditional morality in ways that leave one a bit shell-shocked.

Whatever her name or story, a 10-year-old girl has become an unfortunate pawn in a national pro-abortion propaganda war that is not so much interested in the truth as point scoring.

What Pope Pius XI called a “restructuring of the social order” as an application of Catholic social teaching offers a greater reset than anything imagined by proponents or opponents of The Great Reset gang.

The positives of summer are plentiful. Many people point out, however, that the summer months are lacking in prayer and God. Personal prayer for many in the summer can be borderline non-existent.