George Weigel has long advocated for robust American interventionism throughout the world, in spite of mounting evidence of its repeated failure. Now he has set his sights on Russia, where the price of failure could very well be nuclear war.

Are children not the poorest of us all, their lives totally dependent upon the suffrage of others?

The unborn child is strange and familiar at once. Set aside all the muddle of your fears and desires, your resentment, your self-opinion, your politics, whatever. Look at that child. That was you, that was me.

Whether modern pro-abortion advocates realize it or not, in essence their attachment to the slaughter of the unborn is an allegiance to Moloch.

The mainstream media - both Left and Right - want to ignore the new documentary "2000 Mules" that exposes fraud in the 2020 election. But Catholics must fight for the truth to be exposed.

With the potentially imminent fall of Roe, we owe thanks to the most reviled part of the pro-life movement - the political and legal arms of the movement.

The arrest of Cardinal Zen brings to the fore some awkward questions about the Vatican's cozy relationship with Beijing.

The millions of women who have had abortions, and those who performed abortions, are all in need of healing, the true healing that only Our Savior Jesus can bring.

The response of Bishop Barron's Word on Fire ministry to recent allegations of sexual misconduct by a prominent employee reveal a culture that prioritizes legalese over compassion.

Truth to Roe

American politics is concerned far more with power rather than truth, making Pontius Pilate the model of modern-day politicians.

Joe Biden has become a cultural radical across the board, further deepening the scandal of having this self-professed Catholic as president.

Feminism—and the devaluing of motherhood—is a diabolically clever strategy to destabilize the family. To counter this, we need to honor the archetype of motherhood, plain and simple.

In a post-Roe world, the not-so-subtle “Know Nothing” spirit in America will be less subtle; indeed, it may become barefaced very soon.

Boycotting Disney can revolutionize a family’s entire approach to children’s entertainment. It can become an opportunity to introduce our children to a greater wealth of stories.

Roe v. Wade might be overturned, controversy surrounds Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire ministry, and the Pfizer Covid vaccine isn’t as effective as advertised. We’ll cover that and more on today’s Crisis Weekly Wrap-Up.

Charles Dickens is arguably the finest writer in the English language after Shakespeare, and his "Tale of Two Cities" is by far his most popular work.

For the apathetic middle, phrases like “abortion is murder” are an almost guaranteed turnoff and are found repulsive. So how can we convince them the evil of abortion?

Pope Francis recommended that we "make a mess." Well, a mess we have - perhaps it's time to clean things up?

The Left, in its hatred of Christianity, wants us to believe that praying in public is somehow a violation of the Constitution.

While violence and destruction are bad for the average person and the humanitarian of any status, they are a good thing for the bottom line of companies who can make large amounts of money off of them.