Restoring the Last Gospel (John 1:1-14) to the end of Mass would be a bulwark against the disturbing trends of our culture.

Gen Z, the first truly post-Christian generation, has been stripped of truth in their lives. We need to find ways to reach them with the everlasting Truth.

One of the last interviews given by Alice von Hildebrand, who passed away on January 14, 2022.

Although almost all the great writers prior to the mid-seventeenth century had been Catholic in either sympathy or practice, John Milton (1608-74) took up the Protestant cause with revolutionary zeal. Following the victory of Cromwell’s Puritan army in the English Civil War, he supported and defended the execution of King Charles I. Then, in 1660, [...]

As good as the available tools and psychological aids are in helping men to combat pornography, a certain disposition is necessary for a man to have any success.

The language used and the assumptions behind the Synod on Synodality betray an embrace of identity politics.

J.K. Rowling is being cancelled because she refuses to cave to the Woke Axis pushing transgenderism. What does this mean for the rest of us?

Labeling products which were developed or tested with human cell tissue would go a long way in educating Catholics on the extent of their usage.

In our brave new world where private property, mobility, privacy, free speech, and freedom of conscience are luxuries for the technocratic elites alone, the metaverse promises to keep the masses content.

The decision of Pope Francis to “trust and engage” with Chinese Communists is already a decision with severe consequences for Chinese Catholics on the ground.

We need our leaders in the State and in the Church to openly oppose the unjust COVID vaccine mandates.

Prenatal testing has been fatally flawed and has fostered an increase in the number of abortions.

While there is nothing wrong with pets, placing them over people certainly is.

Tarot cards are rising in popularity, and some Catholics are deceived into thinking they are compatible with Catholicism.

The Beauty of Austerity

Faithfulness to the austere beauty of Teresa’s rule was the cause for canonization for a little-known modern saint, Mother Maravillas de Jesus (1891-1974).

The Mass of the Anglican Ordinariate may be what was the intended outcome of the Second Vatican Council.

Catholics who yearn to attend a reverent Mass may find that the Ordinariate Form (Anglican Use) may just be the home they are looking for.

The events of January 6, 2021 reveal the insanity of the Left but also the weakness of the Right.

The recently-released movie "Don't Look Up" can be seen as a brilliant comedy exposing our culture’s idiotic response to COVID-19.

As the Church seeks to understand the morality of abortion-tainted vaccines, the sensus fidelium is critically important. We have an urgent responsibility to contribute to the Church's elucidation of this teaching.