The language used and the assumptions behind the Synod on Synodality betray an embrace of identity politics.

The language used and the assumptions behind the Synod on Synodality betray an embrace of identity politics.

The decision of Pope Francis to “trust and engage” with Chinese Communists is already a decision with severe consequences for Chinese Catholics on the ground.

The Mass of the Anglican Ordinariate may be what was the intended outcome of the Second Vatican Council.

The recent establishment of a ministry of lay catechist raises more questions than it answers.

For a Modernists, the “spirit of the age” is aligned with the faults to which one is especially susceptible. Their whole intellectual ecosystem validates their error.  

Prelates like Cardinal Cupich may have the power to do whatever they want, but they don't have the authority to do so.

How a Forgotten Saint Left an Example to the Timid Catholic Prelates of Our Day

The Catholic Church in Australia has been in free-fall because too many bishops and priests stopped talking about Jesus.

What is a faithful Catholic to do in the face of unjust commands from ecclesiastical authorities?

The secular Left loves to enforce marginalization by terms, and they are ever expanding what it means to be a “traditional Catholic” in order to chase all Catholics out of the public square. 

The pope's latest attacks on the traditional forms of the Sacraments continues a pattern of spiritual abuse directed at faithful Catholics.

The Vatican's cozying up to the LGBTQ movement has dire physical and spiritual consequences for those who suffer from same-sex attraction.

From the rhetoric, documents, and the general tone advanced, the Synod on Synodality won’t be impartial or objective; its goal is to emphasize the promotion of doctrinal reform.

The indifference of Pope Francis to Christians suffering under Islamic Sharia Law has become shameful in the eyes of an increasing number of Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Catholic schools are booming, but a danger is lurking that could halt that boom.

Man’s willingness to believe or revile, whether based on evidence or on one’s side in the debates of the day, has no part in the priest’s job.

As I overcame my fear and ignorance of the traditional liturgy, I found myself falling in love with it.

What is the Church for? If a member of an uncontacted tribe entered a typical Catholic parish today, how long would it take him to learn an accurate answer to that question? Recently, Fr. James Grant wrote in these pages about putting the parish mission into action. He points out clear problems in the Church: [...]

Restoring Tradition

Editor's Note: This is an exclusive excerpt from Joseph Pearce’s forthcoming book, Benedict XVI: Defender of the Faith. In May 2011, Georg Ratzinger, the pope’s brother, was asked during an interview what he considered to be the “focal points” of Benedict’s pontificate. Without hesitation, he singled out the pope’s efforts to restore the traditional liturgy: [...]

One month after the election of Joseph Biden I met personally with the Archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron. I knew that he had been appointed to head a working committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)—a committee formed to address how the bishops would deal with a Catholic president who advocates legalized [...]

Whenever I come across Groucho Marx’s advice about never wanting to join a club that would have someone like him as a member, I immediately think of the Roman Catholic Church, whose admission standards are considerably more relaxed. In fact, so wildly promiscuous is Old Mother Church that even Groucho Marx would be welcome. She [...]