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Contraception is in Church news again, so it is pivotal that we know why the Church has always prohibited artificial contraception.

Contraception is in Church news again, so it is pivotal that we know why the Church has always prohibited artificial contraception.

The Jesuits used to be God’s Marines. They have become God’s embarrassment.

What has not been widely addressed in the Church is whether abuse that takes place during the celebration of a sacrament is a sacrilege against that sacrament.

I have vowed for the last 50 years that I would never again allow evil to take me without a fight. 

Tomorrow, July 30th, is the 100th anniversary of Chesterton’s reception into the Catholic Faith. Let us look to him for a deeper understanding of the importance of calling non-Catholics to conversion to the Church.

A newly-appointed pastor reflects on the responsibilities given to him.

For two years a single American priest has worked seventeen-hour days to spiritually and mentally prepare teenage girls for what might await them in some of the most dangerous towns in the world.

Here we see the pathos, the sheer sadness that impinges at every turn upon the pursuit and practice of justice. There can be no end to the business of making things fair, definitively and purely so. Not in this life anyway. 

One shouldn’t be shamed in being labeled a restorationist. God is a restorationist. All of us who are Catholic should be restorationists. 

The positives of summer are plentiful. Many people point out, however, that the summer months are lacking in prayer and God. Personal prayer for many in the summer can be borderline non-existent.

God's providence shines through, even in the midst of sorrow, changing jobs, moving, and praying for a miracle.

The life of Sister Bernadette of the Cross is a story worth reading and sharing with anyone who has suffered in today’s crushing culture.

A person’s agreeable personality traits and a natural likeability do not equate to virtue and trustworthiness, but we tend to sideline reason when the “nice” makes us feel good.

The answering of our prayers—even the most extravagant, and even in a miraculous or semi-miraculous way—is not reserved only for the saints, as I have sometimes thought.

Our nation was built upon countless and nameless patriots who sacrificed for the country they loved.

The Lord honored the sacrifices of many nameless pro-lifers who were willing to risk their jobs and even careers to stand with the unborn.

The Faith dies a little with each desperate reductionism—with each attempt to convince rationalists that reason can comfortably be abandoned in favor of faith because, well, shut up!

In an era where everyone is willing to cancel even their friends and family members over political disagreements, Catholics must always be willing to forgive and move on.

The Cesarean Cross

C-sections are physically demanding and come with all the potential risks of major surgery. But as difficult as the physical stress can be, often the most difficult crosses to bear are emotional and psychological.

Many parishes are not thriving in attendance, enthusiasm, or youth. St. Barnabas reminds us today that renewal begins with personal faith, but it must be ratified through action outside of oneself.

In the past, great Catholic saints stood in the way of perilous dangers in order to defend their churches. Catholic men need to do the same today.