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The overarching spirit of "The Ball and the Cross" can be encapsulated in a comment that Chesterton made of his relationship with his brother: we were always arguing, but we never quarreled.

The overarching spirit of "The Ball and the Cross" can be encapsulated in a comment that Chesterton made of his relationship with his brother: we were always arguing, but we never quarreled.

Even a casual glance or two at the astounding images being released from the Webb Space Telescope, that penetrating eye in the sky, can rapidly lead one to a crisis of orientation, a disorientation of meaning, of personal identity, of individual existence.

Bill Kristol has never explained his abrupt 180-degree change of views on key issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Maybe he never cared in the first place. Maybe he lied to us all along.

The diabolical underpinnings of rejecting nature is a connection we too often forget when confronting the transgender movement today.

People don’t rely on logic and evidence for most of the decisions they make; they follow the suggestions of their media, their tribe, and their appetites. This has led to a decline in Christianity.

The Man Who Was Thursday shows us the paradoxical truth that it takes a big man to know how small he is.

With the metallization of man, the previous two effects, the commoditization of man and the mechanization of man, are then joined by the growth of a view of man as being nothing more than a collection of parts rather than a person with innate value.

Monkeypox is the latest evidence exposing our culture's lie that homosexual behavior isn't dangerous.

Billionaire Elon Musk has come out as a proponent of big families, but his understanding of the role of children and their parents leaves a lot to be desired.

Jordan Peterson has just released an interview that cannot fail to shock many who have followed Jordan Peterson as a conservative thinker, as it undermines traditional morality in ways that leave one a bit shell-shocked.

Lord of the World foresees with astonishing prescience the rise of the cult of personality, long before the rise of Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler

Cookie-cutter philosophers will always cleverly label the wisdom of the ages as yesteryear’s worn-out fashion—as archaic ideas whose time has come and gone. They will attempt to free us from the very thing that gives us freedom. 

Many workers have became no more than an interchangeable cog in a machine to their employer. They are paid as little as possible while conversely being forced to do as much work as possible for as long as possible in order to maximize profits.

"By What Authority" brings the period of the Tudor Terror to life in a way that is hardly possible in a non-fictional historical narrative. We get to know the characters as they come to terms with the tyrannous time in which they’re living.

There is a good reason why things get worse and not better for them who celebrate the abnormal.

A new book does a marvelous job explaining the cultural attack on the West in recent years, but it has a massive blind spot: a refusal to recognize the need for a traditional sexual constitution.

may we avoid the misery of headlines as much as possible and avail ourselves of the riches of the Western tradition, whose great authors and artists give glimpses of that Beauty, ever ancient, ever new.

Home, like Rome, is a “holy place,” and The Four Men is full of spiritual premonitions of “the character of enduring things” amid the decay of time.

The new documentary from conservative provocateur Matt Walsh exposes the contradictions and illogic of the transgender movement.

Top Gun: Maverick is a fun movie that asks an important question: Should America always be the one to come running when the U.N. calls, especially when it puts lives in grave danger? 

The Path to Rome by Hilaire Belloc is a work of humility and awe, of gratitude and hope, of faith and love.