It seems a bit strange that a well-worn former government employee and sometime philosopher like myself should be asked to address this assemblage on matters of ethics and honor, right and wrong, on the question, "Does Honor Have a Future?" But as Sir Thomas More said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the times." And [...]

It seems a bit strange that a well-worn former government employee and sometime philosopher like myself should be asked to address this assemblage on matters of ethics and honor, right and wrong, on the question, "Does Honor Have a Future?" But as Sir Thomas More said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the times." And [...]

During the seventh inning of a recent baseball game, umpire John Hirschbeck got carried away in a dispute with pitcher Hideki Irabu, the temperamental but promising New York "Yankee" from Japan. Two days later, the New York Times stirred up matters further, reporting that Hirschbeck had made an insulting comment about Irabu's nationality. Hirschbeck's defense [...]

An in-depth look at the history and development of New Ways Ministry, a group synonymous with the homosexual rights agenda in the Catholic Church, reveals it to be the child of a radical agenda undertaken by left-wing Catholics in the early '70s. In fact, New Ways Ministry is nothing more than one episode in a [...]

Religious groups have played a profoundly important role in shaping the contours of our political and cultural life. For the most part, these groups have exercised a positive and purposeful influence on our national public life. Because of this influence in shaping public policy, it is distressing to see any group take positions so extreme [...]

Publisher Steve Forbes is emerging as a leading contender among potential presidential candidates for the pro-life vote. His recent endorsement of the Republican National Committee resolution denying funds to Republican candidates supporting partial birth abortion was the culmination of a months-long effort to solicit support among social conservatives. Forbes's well-received address to the Christian Coalition [...]

Gazing [on God] ... there springs up in a soul susceptible of such impressions, an intense inward jubilee ... a joy which no tongue can tell. —Bl. Henry Suso (1300-1365) There are saints who follow the Way of the Cross with exterior sufferings and prolonged dark nights of the soul. Others swing between spiritual heights [...]

I had just ventured into the Caribbean with ninety Crisis readers when the Clinton sex scandal hit the headlines. Even at a far distance, it was clear that the story was steering the media discussion into vulgar waters. I hoped my nine year old daughter would avoid hearing about Oval Office assignations, stained dresses, and [...]

Texas committeeman Tim Lambert rolled a grenade into the middle of Republican National Committee deliberations in January when he proposed to terminate funding for Republican candidates who support partial birth abortion. His gesture predictably angered the opposition but, more to the point, seems to have been advanced with insufficient groundwork among his natural allies. In [...]

Surely it was a fetching story, bound to grip the listeners of National Public Radio: a woman of middle years, in Washington, D.C., had developed serious "rotor" problems of the shoulder. She had built a rather lucrative career for herself in the field of sado-masochism by wielding a whip every day, mostly on men who [...]

One of the leading filmmakers to emerge from the New German Cinema movement in the '70s was Wim Wenders, then a young graduate from the recently opened Munich film school. Less radical in style and content than other conspicuous representatives of the young German cinema like Werner Herzog, Rainer Fassbinder, and Volker Schlöndorff, Wim Wenders [...]

The reputation of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) has waxed and waned over the course of this century. In the early part, he was thought by many to be the second most powerful symphonist next to Beethoven, and was certainly the most often performed contemporary composer of that time. In his famous book of 1934, [...]

As we get deeper into the 1997-1998 term of the Supreme Court, we see a docket far less exciting than that of last term, when cases concerning assisted suicide, religious liberty, and state aid to children in religious schools riveted our attention. Some interesting cases have disappeared from the docket because the Court has declined [...]

Bernard Severin Ingemann’s beloved Danish hymn 'Igjemem Nat og Traengsel," written in 1825, was published twenty-four years later in the Nyt Tillig til Evangelisk-Christelig Psalmebog and did not appear in English for yet another eight years. The translator, Sabine Baring-Gould, was prolific even for an English vicar. Born in 1834 when the Seminoles were evicted [...]

With this column, your humble scribe completes two full years of Seeing Things. If of the making of books there is no end, in the making of magazines there is no rest. And in the making of magazines columns—res ipsa loquitur—there is no shame. Such is the declination of the columnist, lo, these many years [...]

America is quickly becoming Buddhist! It is, to be sure, a quiet, unwitting conversion process conducted by the high priests of nirvana like Dr. Jack Kevorkian, while Christians, Eastern and Western alike, remain distracted by our less momentous internal squabbles. When Orthodox Christians celebrate Pasca ("Easter") next month (once again, alas, a week later than [...]

Most families and ‘circles of friends' today have, somewhere, members who were once baptized, confessed, first communioned, confirmed, married, or even ordained in the Church but who have explicitly or implicitly denied their faith. By their own testimony, they no longer believe it or practice it. Some are belligerent, others merely passive, even nostalgic. Some [...]

Ignatius Loyola is a tough saint. Although he is one of the greatest and ranks near the top of my list of favorites, I have never come close to living with the detachment that Ignatius requires. Mincing no words he lays out the First Principle and Foundation of the Spiritual Exercises: "Man is made to [...]

On Tuesday, January 6, 1998, CRISIS magazine co-sponsored, with the Wethersfield Institute, the Third Annual Wodehouse Awards Dinner at the Racquet Club in New York City. The awards dinner takes its name from renowned author, P. G. Wodehouse, who passed away in 1975. The Jeeves Awards, named for the author's best-known character, honor individuals who have [...]

“This is the worst novel I've read all the way through." Thus began a review by Father Marvin O'Connell some years back. Woe to the sloppy writer who has such a reader—luckily the work in question was not mine. O'Connell has not devoted much time to such ephemeral productions, his own or others. His Irish [...]