Thus we begin 1998, declared by our Holy Father as the year of the Holy Spirit. Surely, on this, the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade this country could use a strong infusion of that least understood person of the Blessed Trinity. There is no better way to get ready for the battles of the [...]

Thus we begin 1998, declared by our Holy Father as the year of the Holy Spirit. Surely, on this, the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade this country could use a strong infusion of that least understood person of the Blessed Trinity. There is no better way to get ready for the battles of the [...]

In 1994 voters in Oregon narrowly approved a ballot measure making their state the most permissive jurisdiction in the world on physician-assisted suicide. Opponents filed suit, arguing that the so-called "Death with Dignity" Act denied equal protection of the law to terminally ill patients, especially those who were economically or socially deprived. A federal district [...]

Regardless of how frequently we have been inspired by the parliamentary exchanges between Thomas Babington Macaulay and William Ewart Gladstone on the civil disabilities of Jews, one more reading is never enough. Although Macaulay had the upper hand morally as well as rhetorically in the instance, as he also had in the earlier debate on [...]

In a democracy, moderation is an important virtue. One of the central purposes of democratically constituted procedures is to provide a means by which wide differences in belief and practice may be negotiated without tearing apart human societies. And for that reason, we become wary about anything that may appear to be extremist. But a [...]

Not too long ago, a group of jazzmen were doing a parody of the “Folk Musician,” the kind of fellow who tunes his guitar while he explains, with folksy pretentiousness, how he happened to write this next song. And so the saxophone player explained to the audience that "This next number was inspired by an [...]

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), despite coming under frequent attacks by pro-lifers, remains one of the most respected and well-funded organizations in the country. Add the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) to the equation, and you've got a billion-dollar industry in human fertility. One would expect that the aims and agenda of such [...]

After a two day whirl of inaugural balls and congratulatory parties, it was time for President Bill Clinton to get to work. Arriving in the Oval Office on January 22, 1993—the anniversary of Roe v. Wade—he abolished a series of pro-life government policies in a flurry of presidential memoranda. The longstanding "Mexico City Policy" was [...]

Among its mournful fruits, Roe v. Wade has advanced the debasement of sex instruction in our schools. A quarter-century after the legalization of abortion, institutionalized "sex ed," like a caustic agent, has eroded the innocence of our youth. Hence the dark coeval of our time: the murder of unborn children alongside the murder of the [...]

On the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it is important to acknowledge the ordinary, nonprofessional people who did not hesitate to resist abortion from the earliest days. I think it an important social commentary that there have always been more amateurs than professionals in the pro-life movement. I find it especially scandalous that the [...]

How to Use this Guide Each of the following reflections presents the major elements of the Church's teaching on the Holy Spirit as developed in the Catechism. They are meant to help families and other small groups reflect prayerfully on the significance of the Holy Spirit and his mission, in preparation for the millennium. Try [...]

The University of Dallas is considered to be one of the great Catholic institutions of higher education in this country. What kind of general plans do you have for the development of the University of Dallas? Well, I think I could divide the general plan for our university into external and internal. The external program [...]

The Face of Christ

We know very little about Christian imaging before the fourth century. Persecutions and other upheavals have erased all but traces, making the tantalizing remnant all the more fascinating. Anyone searching for images of Christ is struck by an astonishing fact: There are hardly any direct representations of him. Those one finds are bare sketches, focused [...]

Dissident Catholics from thirty-five countries descended upon the Vatican on October 11, the 35th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Brandishing a much-publicized referendum and the signatures of more than 2.3 million Catholics demanding Church reforms, the representatives of We Are Church jostled amicably against Roman police. Dissidents, draped in blue or purple stoles to [...]

While walking through the woods with Beethoven one day in 1817, English composer Cipriani Potter popped the big question: Who did Beethoven, apart from himself, consider the greatest living composer? At first Beethoven seemed startled by the question, then answered, "Cherubini." This was not the first time Beethoven had expressed himself about Cherubini's stature. A [...]

Film: Dixie Sham

As a Southerner, I view movies set in the South with fear and trembling. Whatever else the South is, it ain't New York or California, and this is a problem for filmmakers with those mindsets. Hollywood schizophrenics see the South as either the sinister homeland of tobacco-chewing Kluxers or a lawsamercy wonderland of delicious mystery, [...]

If there is one thing that most inspires us to love Christ and His Church, what would it be? What one thing makes us believers? What is the one thing, when the chips are down, that holds us in the Church, that makes us cling to it, certain that, no matter what, we will never [...]

On January 20, 1928, I had the good fortune to be born on a farm just north of Pocahontas, Iowa. I have an ornate baptismal certificate affirming that I was baptized in Sacred Heart Church in that town. My godparents were Art and Bernice McCarten, friends of my parents, Lawrence and Grace Schall. On my [...]

It would be easier to follow James Thurber’s advice to leave your mind alone if it could be mutual. Besides, you’d have to put your mind to it and that makes following Thurber’s advice a contradiction in terms. Mind-boggling, as it were. Of course one could fall asleep, but then Thurber would lose a reader. [...]