It has been a great privilege to edit the pages that follow. Imagine having dozens of reflections on our Holy Father, written by the best Catholic minds of our age, with which to arrange a fitting tribute to this Man of the Century. We at Crisis dedicate this issue to him for what his leadership, [...]

It has been a great privilege to edit the pages that follow. Imagine having dozens of reflections on our Holy Father, written by the best Catholic minds of our age, with which to arrange a fitting tribute to this Man of the Century. We at Crisis dedicate this issue to him for what his leadership, [...]

At the height of Hollywood's infatuation with things Catholic, no screenwriter would have dared propose such a storyline: Months after his country regains its independence, a son is born to Polish parents in the small provincial town of Wadowice. His mother dies before he makes his First Communion. Raised by his father, a gentleman of [...]

The Most Reverend John R. Keating, Bishop of Arlington Last August in Paris, as I watched Pope John Paul II interact so vibrantly with hundreds of thousands of young people at the World Youth Day events, the thought that kept flooding my mind was: what an indomitable spirit! Grit and determination keep driving this "gift [...]

On July 29, 1997, a representative philosophe of our abortion culture, retired Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, was lavishly eulogized in St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, D.C., where the Requiem Mass for President Kennedy had been sung in 1963. Richard Cardinal Cushing was relatively constrained back then, because liturgical depredations had not yet switched into [...]

On December 9, 1995, the day after the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and in the presence of family and a few close friends, I joined the Catholic Church, receiving four sacraments in little more than an hour. A day of grace abounding if ever I have known one and a day bathed in the [...]

Michael Novak talks to Joop Koopman about the virtues of creativity and risk-taking. Religious philosopher Michael Novak, cofounder of Crisis was the 1994 recipient of the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. According to many observers, Novak's influence played an important role in the drafting of Centesimus Annus, Pope John Paul II's 1991 encyclical on [...]

Compiled by Del Torkelson, a journalist in El Dorado, Kansas. 1982 The first issue of Catholicism in Crisis is published at the University of Notre Dame by Ralph Mclnerny and Michael Novak. Ralph McInerny announces the mission of Catholicism in Crisis: A Journal of Lay Catholic Opinion: Catholicism in Crisis will provide evidence of the [...]

Reading, said Josemaria Escrivá, has made many a saint. In my own case it has merely made a convert, but I do continue to read ever more deeply into the mystery that is the Church. Thomas Merton, we recall from Seven Storey Mountain, was started on his road to the Church by the accidental discovery [...]

The best religious films, and therefore the best Catholic films, convey the great truths of Christianity implicitly rather than explicitly, not unlike the mystery of incarnation itself, in which the Word became flesh in the person of an obscure carpenter from a hick town in a minor province. In addition, this list consists primarily of [...]

What can one say of Ludwig van Beethoven, about whom everything seems to have already been said? How about, "Beethoven lives!"? This fall, I saw that announcement inscribed on baseball hats and T-shirts to promote the National Symphony Orchestra's Beethoven concert series. Later the same day, I received further evidence of his existence at Sunday [...]

I was having lunch at the University Club with my colleague professor Astrik Gabriel when word came that Karol Wojtyla had been elected pope. At the time I knew next to nothing about him and part of the excitement I felt was due to the fact that a dark horse had come from the back [...]

Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb of Mobile recently told a story that should be treated as a parable for Catholics in America. His Excellency attended a local banquet as a guest of honor and, appropriately, was seated in everyone's view on the dais. As the jokes of the after-dinner speakers grew more and more vulgar, he found [...]

I write on the eve of Princess Diana's funeral, the culmination of a week-long therapeutic exercise in which genuine empathy struggled for air in a sea of manufactured bathos. In death, Diana has been swept along by the same forces of celebrity-worship she both courted and despised in life. She was not only a star-crossed [...]

Proponents of the theory that aliens from outer space crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in June of 1947 were encouraged by the recent extravagant efforts of the Pentagon to prove a fraud. In a press conference on June 25, 1997, military officials explained the event as the collapse of a weather balloon filled with mannequins. [...]

As used today, the term "campaign finance reform" is a misnomer, albeit a useful one for its proponents. Proposals like the McCain-Feingold bill (S. 25), its House companion the Shays-Meehan bill (H.R. 493), and the Farr-Gephardt bill (H.R. 600) are more about suppressing and severely rationing the speech of citizens' groups. Under any of these [...]

It's one small step for the diocese, but a giant leap for Catholic homeschoolers everywhere. The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh has released "Faith Education in the Home: Catholic Homeschooling," an eighteen-page document on homeschooling in the diocese that offers guidance and support to home-schooling families. "The Church has long recognized that parents have the primary [...]

The old spiritual masters—even the great ancient pagans—often advise us to look at things from the vantage point of our deathbeds. I recently had unusual confirmation of the wisdom of that advice. After six months between nursing home and hospital ICU this summer, my uncle, Raymond Royal, spent a whole day dying a hard death. [...]

The thirty-fifth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, October 11, will witness the convergence on Rome of dissident Catholics from Europe and the Americas. The militant revisionists will demand that the Vatican acknowledge the signatures collected in a two-year campaign that featured the We Are Church petition. Representatives claim their "restructuring" goals embody the true [...]

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, you will recall, restored a rule of constitutional law that government may not penalize religion without proving that its doing so is the least restrictive means of achieving some supreme societal interest. The Supreme Court, on June 25, invalidated the RFRA. The death of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has [...]

After Daschle—what? The question was being posed after the gambit made by Senator Thomas Daschle in May, offering an alternative to the bill on partial-birth abortions. ["Lifewatch," July/August, 1997] Had Daschle simply been engaged in a crafty, stylish maneuver to derail a pro-life bill that was amassing, in the Congress, an unprecedented level of support? [...]

Science may be a refined form of common sense, but at times all-too refined. Some basic laws of science can, of course, be fully rendered in commonsense terms. One gives the full truth of the three laws of thermodynamics by saying that, first, you cannot win; second, you cannot break even; third, you cannot even [...]