He did it! For some months there had been a rumor that Pope John Paul II might declare St. Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897) a doctor of the Church, and on Sunday, September 24, at the International Youth Congress in Paris, he did so. The pope thus completed the circle by which Thérèse Martin, despite her [...]

He did it! For some months there had been a rumor that Pope John Paul II might declare St. Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897) a doctor of the Church, and on Sunday, September 24, at the International Youth Congress in Paris, he did so. The pope thus completed the circle by which Thérèse Martin, despite her [...]

When reporting on Always Our Children, the secular media failed to note that this was not a document issued by the entire NCCB. What must be said at the outset is that a small committee of the bishops' conference should not be allowed to use the media to shape opinion on Church teaching. Structural changes [...]

The pastoral message Always Our Children manifests compassionate understanding of persons with homosexual tendencies, and their parents and siblings. It is theologically sound on the morality of homosexual acts, and its broad message is that parents should love their children who struggle with homosexual tendencies, while not accepting homosexual behavior. We are also pleased to [...]

Lumen Gentium teaches us that there are times when lay Catholics are "obliged to express [their] opinion on things which concern the good of the Church." We believe this is just such an occasion. The Marriage and Family Committee of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops has just issued a statement entitled Always Our Children [...]

During the first weekend of September, the Los Angeles Archdiocese hosted the fourth annual conference of the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian & Gay Ministries (NACDLGM). This group, headed by Fr. Jim Schexnayder, promotes the formation of homosexual ministries in dioceses throughout the United States. The NACDLGM conference featured Cahal Cardinal Mahony as the [...]

Always Our Children has drawn fire for many reasons, but I am concerned over the bishops' apparent encouragement of the use of the word "gay" to describe those with a homosexual orientation. I have long been convinced that the clever use of words, or verbal engineering, could ultimately spell the demise of our way of [...]

The royal welcome that Patriarch Bartholomeos of Constantinople received during his recent visit to the United States was carefully prepared by the savvy publicists of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. However, the effusive praise from many of the political leaders of our society surpassed all expectations. Hillary Rodham Clinton called the Ecumenical Patriarch "a [...]

When most people think of architecture that gives glory to God they think of the cathedrals of the Middle Ages. Although everyone knows that this tradition continues in the construction of countless buildings throughout the world, one rarely hears much about them. In our secular age, the edifices that make headlines tend to be skyscrapers, [...]

When Ted Turner made his impulsive billion-dollar pledge to the United Nations in September ("a good, round number" he called it), the first reaction was shock. "I nearly fell off my chair," said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Leslie Gelb, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, added, "Wow!" The second reaction was a feeding frenzy [...]

For an organization committed to a greater "openness" in the Church, the Catholic Theological Society of America is remarkably closemouthed about its membership. At this year's annual convention the press guesstimated the membership at 1200 to 1500 members, but the board of directors would not release definitive numbers or numerical breakdowns, blaming a faulty database. [...]

John A. Hardon, S.J., has fought the good fight for some time. He has published more than twenty-five books (some translated into Japanese, German, and Spanish), written innumerable articles, founded several Catholic organizations, and contributed to six encyclopedias. Recently, he spoke at the Call to Holiness Conference in Michigan. He has been a leader in [...]

I heard our president on the radio this morning, announcing, “We must make sure that parents are able to spend time with their children whenever they can.” If the "we" had been the American people, not the government, then the comment was merely an obvious truism. Apparently, though, the president feels that the facts—a fifty [...]

Concerning the recent National Catholic Bishops’ Statement, Always Our Children, a few thoughts. (1) What exactly is this statement, and whose opinion, precisely, does it represent? Does it deserve any more attention than a homily one might hear from an ordinary pulpit on any given Sunday or, say, an editorial one might read in some [...]

In recent years, charity has gotten a bad reputation. The politicization of all dimensions of life has made even the most heroic efforts on behalf of others seem radically incomplete to certain minds. Thus, Mother Teresa was barely dead before the vultures—Christopher Hitchens and the vile ABC crew of Peter Jennings—accused her of failing to [...]

St. Anthony Messenger has been a welcomed periodical in Catholic homes for over 100 years. The editor, Norman Perry, O.F.M., writes, "Throughout its century-plus of continuous publication we have been addressing the religious and spiritual concerns of Catholic families and readers, while applying Catholic teaching to the problems and situations we meet in everyday life." [...]

The case of Jones V. Bates, now filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, prods us once again to ponder the idea of states. By states, I mean those fifty American communities, in one of which we reside and among all of which we are free to roam. Their collective title is partly unum and partly [...]

Phil Moran called from Boston to say that Joe Stanton had died. He was, for many years, like a candle blowing in the wind. He had survived polio as a youngster, and in recent years he had been in a wheel chair, and so it was a minor miracle that he had managed to be [...]

Film: Cold Comforts

The Ice Storm reveals the big chill at the heart of the Age of Excess In several of his more memorable poems, Philip Larkin wrote with insightful bitterness about the sexual revolution and its disappointments. In "High Windows," he explored the crushing emptiness and nihilism that followed the casting off of traditional virtue, which his [...]

The following are short reviews of new CDs featuring the music of composers covered in this column in the recent past. This is not meant as a best of the year list, but as a way for readers to follow up on composers whose music they have particularly enjoyed and wish to explore further. I [...]

At Midnight Mass in St. Peter’s in 1995, the Holy Father, our best teacher, repeated the majestic “time” themes of the incarnation – today, the hour. Hodie natus est: Today is born our Saviour, Christ the Lord. "The hour when the Son of God is born in the stable of Bethlehem is the hour in [...]

The Catholic can too easily (and increasingly without warrant) feel superior and patronizing when reading of such married clergy as those depicted by Anthony Trollope. Mrs. Proudie, termagant spouse of the Bishop of Barchester, rules the diocese because her husband has been reduced to episcopal putty in her hands. One can still read such delightful [...]