Earlier this year, I wrote an article for the English Catholic Herald about the legacy left by the late Archbishop Derek Worlock to his Liverpool diocese. This led to me abruptly parting company with that newspaper and precipitated a great flurry of press comment about the state of the Church. Modernists and liberals were outraged [...]

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for the English Catholic Herald about the legacy left by the late Archbishop Derek Worlock to his Liverpool diocese. This led to me abruptly parting company with that newspaper and precipitated a great flurry of press comment about the state of the Church. Modernists and liberals were outraged [...]

Evangelium Vitae—the "Gospel of Life"—is a warning and a plea to the people of the United States —41 and other developed nations. The warning is that ours is fast becoming a culture of death. The plea is for us to join together in building a new culture of life. Pope John Paul II declares that [...]

Gore’s God

In the office of Al Gore, a mammoth photograph of Planet Earth hangs resplendently as a reminder of the vice president's global consciousness. After visiting his office last year, National Council of Churches chief Joan Brown Campbell hailed the photo as a "religious icon for our time that God intended for God's people." She said [...]

If there is a name that stands out bright in the history of American cinema, it is that of director John Ford (1894-1973). A complex and talented artist, working in a popular medium based on the collaborative efforts of writers, actors, craftsmen, and producers, Ford achieved in fifty years of filmmaking a unique stature in [...]

A Sex-Ed Movie for the Whole Family God may have made a lovelier creature than Maureen O'Hara but, if so, His handiwork is hard to find. Hers was a face to launch ten thousand ships, or more. Many a fair lass from Erin has graced the silver screen, but even in black and white, O'Hara [...]

Each month, to test our courage, my wife Lisa and I stand before an auditorium full of couples about to marry in the Catholic Church and explain to them the Church's teachings about sexuality. The crowd is generally not happy to be there. Many are not Catholic and few, needless to say, want to hear [...]

Kellyanne Fitzpatrick is a Catholic attorney and pollster who also provides political commentary for CNN. She conducted a focus group of Catholics in Macomb County, Michigan, and was shocked to discover that only one woman had heard about the partial-birth abortion issue—and, incredibly, was misinformed about it. The woman thought that since Clinton had vetoed [...]

After the fall of the evil collectivist regime that insisted on "the scientific study of atheism," and that so dominated world history in the twentieth century, what is to be said about the construction of a normal, decent, human society? This question is of vital importance for the young democracies of Eastern and Central Europe; [...]

Last fall, the editors of the National Catholic Reporter warned their readers—as they have been for years—that a terrible crisis is looming for the Church in America. They quoted approvingly a talk given by Father Norman Rotert, the vicar-general of the Kansas City archdiocese, who declared: There is a huge issue that is not being [...]

The distinguished English critic and specialist in Scandinavian music, Robert Layton calls Franz Berwald "the most commanding composer Sweden has thus far produced, and the leading Scandinavian symphonist before Sibelius." This is the bicentennial of his birth in 1796, but few know his name. When Franz Liszt met the sixty-one-year old Franz Berwald in 1857, [...]

Entertaining Angles: The Story of Dorothy Day is one of the most Christian and catholic films ever made. Some invisible force, I believe, was present during the making of this film. Moira Kelly as Dorothy Day and Martin Sheen as Peter Maurin both turn in performances that deserve Academy Award nominations. The story, told almost [...]

“You're not really listening to me!” Thus, after hours of argument my mind remained unchanged. Presumably, if I had been "really listening," I would have yielded long ago to my frustrated accuser's incontestable reasoning. I had, however, been listening to him, very closely—I heard his ideas and rejected them. This is not to say that I [...]

Seldom has the nation seen a more desultory presidential campaign. With scarcely two months to go, the Republicans have yet to articulate a theme capable of firing the moral imagination of the electorate. Tax-cut talk, which was supposed to do the trick, has produced only yawns of indifference or skepticism, and on virtually every other [...]

Democratic politics challenge the soul.  The whole process is one of the most profane spectacles imaginable.  Not only do the worst human cravings for power and wealth, influence and fame, come immediately to the fore in our candidates during campaigns. They inevitably involve all the rest of us too in trying to identify where, amid [...]

It was among an audience of mostly conservative Catholics that the question (as usual) arose. I was speaking to a group of Fordham law students about my new book, The Abolition of Marriage, in particular about the many ways in which the federal government has helped promote unwed motherhood among young girls, from welfare for [...]

During the early 1980's, I was a student at St. Ignatius Loyola Grammar School in New York City. St. Ignatius was the first Catholic school in the Archdiocese of New York to purchase computers for use by the student body. The faculty and administration at my grammar school had added the new computer classes to [...]

An announcement in the public service: The demands of lead time now in magazines find us writing these columns well in advance of the date of publication, and the risk is that we may be overtaken by events. We are writing, for example, for this issue at the time of the Republican convention: Things may [...]

After a whirlwind summer tour of college campuses, Kristen, my oldest daughter, a High School senior, seems to have settled on my own alma mater as her first choice. I have dutifully cautioned her, however, that, as a prospective Penn alumna, she may face a lifetime of neurotic anxiety over the popular confusion of the [...]

Among the interesting side-effects of retired San Francisco Archbishop John Quinn's lecture, "The Claims of Primacy and the Costly Call to Unity," given at Campion Hall in Oxford on the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul, is the reinforcement it gives to the opinions of those who have come to mistrust national conferences. Archbishop Quinn's [...]

Almost a year has passed since the Holy Father came to say Mass at Camden Yards in Baltimore. His visit reinforced my gratitude to God for blessing my own time—my own catastrophic half of this catastrophic century—with John Paul II. His great natural gifts and transparent devotion have combined to serve well a spiritually needy [...]

The October, 1992, Crisis carried a handsome photo of president bush— "Should Catholics vote for this Man?" My column for that issue was entitled "An Apocalyptic Election? Is This Election about Jobs, or Souls?" I thought it was about souls. I still think it was. Two days after the 1993 Inauguration, while five Roman Catholic [...]