Our Holy Father, John Paul II, has called us to participate in the new evangelization of the Catholic Church. These very personal remarks are offered in the spirit of that evangelism. Perhaps hearing from someone who discovered the Church for the first time as an adult will be helpful to those who have lost heart [...]

Our Holy Father, John Paul II, has called us to participate in the new evangelization of the Catholic Church. These very personal remarks are offered in the spirit of that evangelism. Perhaps hearing from someone who discovered the Church for the first time as an adult will be helpful to those who have lost heart [...]

Gloria Dei vivens homo. "The glory of God is man fully alive." This classic assertion of Irenaeus is the driving motif of Evangelium Vitae and, I would suggest, the driving motif of the teaching of this pontificate. Evangelium Vitae is much more than instructions on what is necessary to advance "the culture of life" joined [...]

On the February 27 broadcast of ABC's Nightline, anchor Ted Koppel made a clumsy attempt to explain Pat Buchanan's Roman Catholic roots. After falsely claiming that the Buchanan household was raised on the bigoted sermons of Father Coughlin (an accusation for which he later apologized to the Buchanan family), Mr. Koppel turned to Time magazine [...]

In 1776, at the time of the Declaration of Independence, there were no more than twenty-five thousand Catholics in all of the thirteen colonies, mostly located in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York—1 percent of the two-and-a-half-million total population. There were only twenty-three priests in all, and the next highest authority was the vicar apostolic in [...]

Speeding toward the final national election of the millennium, the battle for the future of American culture is debated and defined from primary to primary, from whistle-stop to town hall meeting. Acknowledging abortion, welfare reform, and pro-family issues as preeminent concerns, candidates have sought to engage the Catholic community eye to eye. But who speaks [...]

The Holy See has done it again. The new teaching document issued by the Pontifical Council on the Family, The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family, is yet another one of the growing list of outstanding teaching documents produced by the modern papacy that provide precise and serene "correct [...]

"Tenderness is the first disguise of the murderer." Thus the novelist Walker Percy, echoing Flannery O'Connor, foresaw the Ninth Circuit's recent decision discovering a "right to die" in the Constitution. Once again we witness a court thinking with the woeful sentimentality of a talk show host. Judge Reinhardt, the author of the court's opinion, speaks [...]

It's a sad fact of modern life that we think we have to wait for elaborate scientific studies to tell us it's okay to believe what we already know. A small tidal wave of recent research, for example, has shown that if you want to help kids avoid drugs, pregnancy, crime, and the usual adolescent [...]

Among the notable surprises of 1995 were two pro-life judgments that emanated, from of all places, the federal courts. Both were in the Ninth Circuit on the West Coast. One opinion was written by Judge John Noonan, an accomplished scholar, and a powerful writer in the pro-life cause before he was appointed to the bench [...]

Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska, has issued a formal canonical warning, effective April 15, to Catholics in his diocese who, on pain of excommunication, are forbidden to be members of certain groups that are "perilous" to the Catholic faith. Catholics loyal to the Church and its Magisterium welcomed the news of this statement with [...]

It was the bombshell liberals dreaded: seventeen thousand words packed in an explosive cover that read, "Dan Quayle Was Right: The Harmful Effects of Divorce on Children." Barbara Dafoe Whitehead's now-famous cover story in the April 1993 issue of The Atlantic shattered many liberal myths about divorce. Her article amassed research showing how divorce severely [...]

There was snickering across the political spectrum about Hillary Clinton's recent book on childrearing, It Takes a Village. In fact, the conservative Report Card called it a "Snickers bar of liberalism," a yummy serving up of every conceivable federal program. Perhaps inspired by Mrs. Clinton's insipid but telling endorsement of the need for community "town [...]

Forty-four governors and forty-nine chief executives met at IBM's palatial Palisades, New York, conference center March 26-27 to reach consensus on the need to set high academic standards for the nation's 50 million children enrolled in government schools. Business has a right to be fed up. We are a nation of 90 million functional illiterates, [...]

Those of us who went to Catholic schools in the '70s know we weren't saved by faith alone. Reason played a providential part. It kept watch for us kids, even when the faith seemed on sabbatical. I can't imagine that reason ever even took a break in the mind of my sophomore biology teacher, Mrs. [...]

Our prayers go out to Crisis cofounder Ralph Mclnerny, who recently underwent successful heart bypass surgery. We look forward to his full recovery and his return to the back page of Crisis. ___ In an 8-3 decision, a San Fran-cisco-based federal appeals court ruled that the Constitution protects a "right to die." The court struck [...]

Although the total number of priests across the globe continues to decline, the latest numbers show an increase of 1 percent in new ordinations for 1994. This steady increase in ordinations is expected to reduce the average age as well as the death rate of the world's priest population. ___ Americans continue to get married [...]

Picture fin de siecle Vienna in the 1890s, a cosmopolitan capital of empire that was about to shake the world with its new ideas. Sigmund Freud was already in practice. Walter Gropius would soon launch his revolutionary architecture. Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were splashing their canvases with images of angst. Gustav Mahler was directing [...]

Thousands of Catholic parents rejoiced when the Pontifical Council on the Family released The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality in January. The statement reaffirmed the essential right and responsibility of parents to "provide a clear and delicate" education in sexual morality to their children. It resoundingly restated that parents are the primary and irreplaceable [...]

James Madison in Federalist #10 points out how the experiment in the American republic is different from the utopian thinking encouraged in France. He refers to the "theoretic politicians" and calls the passion for equality "wicked." He notes that some think that pure democracy rests on equality in property. He disagrees. He holds that factions [...]

Movies that deal with the political arena have an appealing milieu for dramatizing morally complex problems. In the past the genre has called forth very high-calibre work from exceptionally skilled directors and talented actors. I think of four extraordinary political films, all classics: Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), with James Stewart as [...]

Biopsy. Cancer. Mastectomy. All clear. Another alarm. CAT scan. All clear. In the short space between New Year's and the third week in January I careened from each of these startling events to the next. Before the all clear sounded I telescoped into the same window of time all the natural corresponding emotions. Fear came [...]