What did Jesus Christ add to Athens and Rome that altered the human conception of political economy? The question is a little odd to the ear. It is not a question usually asked. Yet it turns out to suggest, for all its novelty, a fresh way of looking at political history. Permit me to propose [...]

What did Jesus Christ add to Athens and Rome that altered the human conception of political economy? The question is a little odd to the ear. It is not a question usually asked. Yet it turns out to suggest, for all its novelty, a fresh way of looking at political history. Permit me to propose [...]

Dante’s great value for a modern reader lies in the sheer scope and clarity of his vision. Every spirituality worth a moment’s notice has recognized that the world beyond is larger and richer than this one. But this realization points to a danger: as our awareness of reality expands, our ability to imagine all that [...]

"We have more real knowledge about the Angels than about the brutes." Such a statement, obscurantist at first look, would not be worth considering had it not been penned and preached by John Henry Newman. The statement is in fact his nutshell summary of the sermon, "The Invisible World," which he preached in 1837, at [...]

Our age is so advanced that angelism has largely displaced the angels. Angelism is a doctrine suited to Modernism for which Milton supplies an epigraph, put in the mouth of Satan: The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n. C.S. Lewis, in his Preface [...]

Angels are in. Americans have not displayed , such interest in angels since "Teen Angel" made the hit parade in the early 1960s. A few movies of the golden age of Hollywood centered around angels — Angel on My Shoulder was the best. But now angels are big time: there are catalogs of angel accessories; [...]

[Editor's note: Part I of Christianity and Democracy ran in the January issue.] Democracy and religion according to Tocqueville Tocqueville, like most liberals of the XIXth century, has the feeling that there was something artificial and violent, artificially violent, if it can be put that way, in the hostility that the XVIIIth century exhibited towards [...]

William F. Buckley, Jr., founder of the most influential conservative magazine in America, host of the longest-running commentary program on national television, syndicated columnist since 1962, spy novelist, harpsichord recitalist, deep-sea sailor, lecturer to thousands of enthusiastic college students each year, a man whose cruising speed is invariably ten miles over the official limit, will, [...]

Why the present fascination with angels? Does it forecast a spiritual awakening? The signs seem ambiguous. Some aspects of this revival resemble just another romp around the playground of the modern sensibility, with its constant seesawing between abstraction and sentiment. The angels filling the shelves of your local bookstore look less like terrible messengers from [...]

In Wheeling, West Virginia, on February 9, 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy launched himself into the spotlight with a warning to the nation that the Department of State employed 205 Communists. He declined to offer those names to the public. On November 28, 1994, Brent Staples revealed on the New York Times editorial page that our [...]

This past Christmas, I was struck by a meaning that had not occurred to me before in the antiphon, "Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given." Every Christmas is a celebration of the great central doctrine of our faith, that God took on Himself our human nature and became a [...]

A Strange new alliance has been forming in the last few years. The first major parties to this alliance are traditional Roman Catholics and Evangelical Protestants. This Catholic-Protestant connection has become reasonably well known and commented upon. But most surprising has been the arrival of a third group: Orthodox and other seriously committed Jews. The [...]

Who are we and what are we doing here? Those are not existential questions. As this is the first conference of Jewish conservatives an appraisal is definitely in order. Therefore, it behooves us to ask: What in heaven's name is a Jewish conservative? If you ask our opponents — the secular, Jewish establishment and those [...]

The Republican sweep came on the tenth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's landslide re-election, when the Gipper carried 49 states. After the election, my friends at the National Review began their next issue with this lead: "Heh, heh, heh." Pro-lifers would be amply justified in permitting themselves the same, full savoring of these latest results. For [...]

California voters adopted Proposition 187 last fall to prohibit illegal aliens from receiving social welfare benefits, but the backlash that prompted the initiative extends beyond California and the question of illegal immigration. There is a growing perception that today's immigrants are different from previous generations of immigrants. Nearly a decade ago, former Governor Richard Lamm [...]

On New Year’s weekend, 1,800 college students and campus ministers gathered in St. Louis for a conference called Celebrate! A Gathering at the Crossroads, sponsored by the Council for Ecumenical Student Christian Ministry, of which the Dayton, Ohio-based National Catholic Student Coalition (NCSC) is a member. Conference publicity stated its purpose was to "celebrate our [...]

The Holy Father’s new book is available throughout the world — Urbe et Orbe. He is the only man on earth today who has an immediate worldwide audience, and about whom no one can be indifferent. The idea of the Pope of Rome writing a bestseller is such a delight. How are we to keep [...]

What a waste of winter it seems when Lent doesn't begin until March! The Februaries of my childhood are all concentrated into memories of dirty snow and slush, grey-white skies, dark mornings, cold breath. We owned a black cocker spaniel who needed to be walked before schooltime. When the snow was fresh and not yet [...]

End Notes: Choice

One of the more (diabolically) inspired ploys of those who favor abortion is to describe their position, not as pro-abortion, but as pro-choice. In so doing, advocates of abortion present themselves as once removed from the abortion vs. non-abortion debate. What they are advocating, they claim, is a free choice between the two. Their opponents, [...]

The commercial success or failure of John Sayles' The Secret of Roan Inish might serve as an indicator of the state of cinema in the U.S. today. In February, Sayles' ninth film will open at art houses in the major cities, where he will be trying to find an audience for this exceptionally lovely little [...]