March for Life

Should we continue to have the March for Life on January 22nd? Should we even continue to have a national March for Life?

Should we continue to have the March for Life on January 22nd? Should we even continue to have a national March for Life?

It is time for pro-life state legislators to halt funding to all abortion providers by redirecting federal funds to services helping pregnant mothers.

We must give thanks to God for this tremendous victory in the cause of the sanctity of human life. But thanks must also go to Donald Trump.

The night that Roe fell, I gathered together with many pro-life friends – some prominent scholars known widely for their pro-life work, others ordinary people who regularly perform hidden acts of charity to aid pregnant women in distress. All were united by their enormous gratitude for the new reality: the right to abortion is no [...]

A collection of pro-life and pro-family leaders share their initial thoughts about the end of Roe.

The Supreme Court’s in Carson v. Makin, striking down Maine’s ban on tuition reimbursement for certain high school students continues the Court's efforts to roll back false understandings of the First Amendment.

Even those who reject Patrick Buchanan’s “paleoconservative” politics would do well to familiarize themselves with the paleoconservative perspective, as it will help them understand some of the forces at work in 2016 and since.

The Libertarian Party recently underwent a radical change in leadership; should this metamorphosis lead Catholics to revisit the question of whether the party is an option in future elections?

Calls warning of a coming “theocracy” and “religious dystopia” are in truth veiled instances of anti-Catholic bigotry.

The law seems, on one hand, to treat corporate entities as persons and on the other as some sort of lottery winner, with all sorts of tax benefits unavailable to real persons.

The LGBTQI+ movement is defined by self-destructive hedonism, sexual grooming of children, and an intolerance that seeks to coerce opponents into subjection.

The acts of that evil lunatic in Uvalde are being used to advance certain false narratives. So it requires us to understand what school shootings really are. Indeed, we need to understand what mass shootings really are.

Pro-lifers have always maintained that, far from “liberating” women, Roe liberated men to follow their most base sexual instincts while sloughing the outcome on to women and on any child that is conceived.

The Founders’ republican ideals put a premium on personal independence, and having a population that could defend itself was part of that tradition. Moreover, it was also considered a check against tyrannical governments. 

Nancy Pelosi wraps her support of abortion in the mantle of the Gospel of Matthew. She stated that the parable of Chapter 25 was “the agenda of the Church and is rejected by many who side with them on terminating a pregnancy.”

There seems to be a homosexual ascendancy in certain quarters of the “conservative” movement, and their influence is growing while Christians' influence is waning.

In spite of professing to be "pro-life," Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey has never voted in favor of the pro-life cause when his vote would swing the decision.

The potential fall of Roe v. Wade has enraged even the pro-abortion forces north of the border, who are displaying their demonic influence for all the world to see.

Far from being a basic “right,” abortion is deeply damaging to women; it is not the means to a level playing field that its avid supporters believe it to be.

A young Christian woman in Nigeria was murdered for alleged blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammed by a group of Muslim youths. This is not the first time such an atrocity has happened there.

In today's public discourse, all opposition is perceived as contradictory: One can support either a conservative politician or the dignity of women. One can eat meat or be environmentally conscious. There's no third option.