Editorial and Media
To contact the editorial department, email (Do not send press releases to this email address.) Readers are encouraged to comment on the essays published in Crisis. They are welcome to engage in civil discussion and debate with fellow readers at the end of each article. Due to the high volume of business correspondence directed to the editor, the use of the editorial email merely for commentary is discouraged.

How to Submit an Article for Publication
All editorial submissions (articles and reviews) should be sent as Word documents attached to an email to One article per email. Authors should wait for a response from the editor before submitting additional manuscripts. Authors may withdraw submissions at any time provided that they, as a courtesy, notify the editor of their decision. If it is your first submission, please include a brief author byline. If it is time-sensitive, say so in the subject line and try to submit your piece two weeks before the pertinent date. Original submissions are given priority over reprinted manuscripts. Pieces that have already appeared on author blogs are not considered original submissions. If your piece has already appeared in another publication (print or online), please obtain permission from the original publisher and let us know so we can properly credit them. Word count limits range from between 800 and 1,500 words. Articles that exceed 2,000 words are discouraged. Links to sources are preferred over footnotes. Ideally, sources should appear in the text itself. In short, submissions should be written in a journalistic style and address timely and relevant topics. The Chicago Manual of Style is given priority over other style books. All articles are edited. Crisis does not publish poetry nor submissions from college undergraduates or younger authors. Authors receive financial compensation for original submissions accepted for publication. Crisis holds the rights to all original content. Reprint requests should be directed to the editor.

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