Tracy Lee Simmons

At the time this article was published, Tracy Lee Simmons was a writer living in Washington, D.C., and a regular contributor to Crisis.

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Walking Easy with Shelby Foote: A Civil War Historian’s Thoughts on History, Walker Percy, and the Life of Writing

Recently, a mimeographed report made its flurried ways to faculty mailboxes of a respected American university. Quoted is one history professor’s marching order for all his students’ written work: “It goes without saying that all assignments will be written in clear and elegant English.” Another history professor says she asks students to write about historical … Read more

The Live Men Speak

In his 1977 book Bitterweeds, Malcolm Franklin, the stepson of William Faulkner, wrote the following reminiscence of a conversation with his stepfather: During one of these discussions Pappy turned to me and said, “Buddy, have you read Shelby Foote’s Shiloh?” I said no, and he told me, “Well, Buddy, you should read it. It’s the damnedest book … Read more

The Idler: The Haunted Upper Room

Tom must have been relieved by the time it was over. The telephone line had been disconnected days before. Most of the shelves sat empty and bare as though ravaged, and the last few books leaned at random angles. Tables and chairs were shoved aside with the latest exodus. Boxes, the most telling and undeniable … Read more

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