Steven Wagner

At the time this article was published, Steve Wagner was president of QEV Analytics, a public opinion research firm in Washington, D.C.

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Will America Bury the Hatchet?

In her prescient 1999 book, One Nation, Two Cultures, historian Gertrude Himmelfarb described America as a deeply divided country. The immediate response was: Of course we are divided. Look at the tiny margins that decide our political contests. But the acrimony-beset results of Election 2000 indicate that the division of America at this political moment … Read more

Election 2000: A New Dawn?

President Jimmy Carter kept two books on his Oval Office desk. One was James MacGregor Burns’s Leadership (kept at hand to no apparent avail), in which the author distinguishes between transactional and transformational leaders. If elected, Vice President Al Gore will be a transactional president, while Gov. George W. Bush has positioned himself to be … Read more

Catholics and Evangelicals: Can They Be Allies?

With the November 1998 issue, Crisis launched its unprecedented analysis of the catholic vote in America (“Mind of the Catholic Voter” by Robert Novak). The central question tackled by that research was whether political conservatives can reasonably expect to attract a majority  of Catholic votes.  This question was provoked by the observation that Catholics were … Read more

The Heart of the Catholic Voter: Phase II of the Catholic Voter Project

In November 1998, Crisis published the results of the first phase of its Catholic Voter Project. “The Mind of the Catholic Voter,” by Robert Novak, chronicled Catholics’ exodus from the Democratic Party and their increasing tendency to adopt a conservative pattern of voting. The CRISIS study established that this movement was strongly correlated to frequency … Read more

The Catholic Political Identity

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is excerpted from the ground-breaking “Report on the Catholic Vote in America,” commissioned by Crisis. To receive the full report, call 202-861-7790. Ralph Reed had a vision. The former executive director of the Christian Coalition was a central participant in the forging of a conservative political identity for the nation’s growing … Read more

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