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Why I Am Voting Republican

I’m voting Republican because I’m sick of being told that every policy disagreement I have with the Left is rooted in racism, sexism, or some other mean-spirited “ism” on our part.

The Grave Evil of “Recomposting”

There is a movement to promote “recomposting” humans after death, but this process inherently devalues the human person by actively choosing to break down the difference between a person and a thing.

The Merciless Candidacy of John Fetterman

The Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat debate between Democratic candidate John Fetterman and Republican candidate Mehmet Oz was bizarre and sad, and revealed the merciless ambition of the Democratic Party.

What Do You Tell Your Kids About Halloween?

Halloween is no longer regarded as a vigil for the faithful departed. But with the loud prevalence of Halloween as a commercialized fright-fest, Catholic parents should have something to say to their kids about this strange, ghoulish festival.

Our Exaggerated Concern for “Community”

The Church today is suffering from a false prioritization of “community” and “relationships” above institutions and laws, leading to a vilification of devout Catholics and an undermining of sexual morality.

The Digitalization of Man

It’s a brave new world out there right now, with all of these various attempts by people to recreate reality in their own image.

Proudly a “Restorer”

Pope Francis recently labeled certain Catholics as “restorers.” He might have meant it as an insult, but those he targeted should take it as a compliment.

St. Barnabas and Parish Importance

Many parishes are not thriving in attendance, enthusiasm, or youth. St. Barnabas reminds us today that renewal begins with personal faith, but it must be ratified through action outside of oneself.

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