Randy Boyagoda

Randy Boyagoda has written on religion and culture in First Things, Religion and Literature, The American Enterprise, and other publications.

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Benedict XVI and the ‘True Time’ of Vatican II

“It is not what we would like the Council to have said that must determine our course, but what the Council really said.” —Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger History will judge 2005 an extraordinary year in the life of the Catholic Church: It marks both the start of a new papacy and the 40th anniversary of the … Read more

Guest Column: St. Augustine’s Ashes

St. Augustine’s in south Bos­ton—a grand old church of Irish Beantown—will close in November under Boston’s parish con­solidations. Its smaller counterpart, St. Monica’s, will remain open. The archdiocese’s logic makes sense: St. Augustine’s needed millions in mainte­nance and renovations, and it’s located in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood where churches closed in earlier con­tractions have since … Read more

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